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The Niger Delta War: on what Basis?

That the Niger Delta has become Nigeria's headache is no news but what is worrisome is that the Federal Government has decided to apply the use of force in bringing about sanity in

Terrorism: Southeast Asian Phenomena

Introduction           Terrorism is a highly controversial, issue in contemporary international affairs.  It is considered as a threat to global peace, security, and development especially in the aftermath of 9/11.  The Sep.11 2001

Be an Effective Christian Parent

Being a loving and a fair parent is the goal of anyone who has a child or children but a Christian parent wants to do more; they want to share the love of


Creating Great Landscape Design On A Budget

Many people have the misconception that hiring a professional landscaping company may require a huge investment. The fact of the matter is that landscape design Brisbane firms have options that are suitable for

Ultralight Folding Wheelchair: Sufficient Mobility

Ultralight folding wheelchairs are available with every wheelchair manufacturer; hence the buyer has a wide variety to choose from. Besides the folding wheelchairs, the others are rigid and titanium rigid and folding varieties.

How to spend your time in Rocky Point Mexico?

Those who’re in search of a memorable vacation destination to  spend their summer can opt from the places just as Baja California, San Carlos, Rocky Point Mexico and Puerto Penasco in Mexico. There


Biotech Careers Heating Up

As baby boomers age, there has been an increased demand for new medical procedures and equipment. As a result, biomedical engineering, a field that combines medicine with engineering and biology, is expected to

The World Of Celebrity Impersonators

A celebrity impersonator or lookalike is an artist who copies or imitates a world famous celebrity, be it a film star, pop star, politician, sportsperson or royalty. A pre-requisite for being a celebrity

Best IT Certifications for Beginners

Certifications in IT profession, serve as an evidence of required knowledge and skills regarding a particular role or technology. Many of them are out there in the market. Students and professionals who seek

Keynesian and Classical economics

KEYNESIAN AND CLASSICAL ECONOMICS Question: By 1937 at least six attempts had been made to state Keynes's General Theory in mathematical form. To what extent were these models successful in identifying the difference


Kia Sorento Problems – Kia Sorento Recalls

The Kia Sorento is a terrific vehicle, but like any automobile, it has had some problems and recalls. The best way to deal with these Kia Sorento problems and recalls is to get an

Cars For Sale mobile.de October #9 Volkswagen

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