It seems like every other day a company is coming out with some new super fruit or plant juice that can make you energized and healthy.

Monavie has the Acai berry and Xowii has the KonaRed coffee fruit.  Xango has the Mangosteen berry and now Zija International has the Moringa plant.

The Moringa Plant

Moringa has a high level of anti-oxidants,, minerals, and amino acids.  Ancient writings refer to Moringa plant and how it was used to protect skin and purify water for drinking.  Many people taking the Moringa plant have reported rapid improvments in skin, mental clarity, and digestion.  Zija has made several products from this wonder plant including Zija Smart drink, Skin Care and Weight management.

Zija Compensation Plan

The Zija compensation plan is a pretty standard MLM comp plan.  There are 8 different ways to get paid.  But the bottom line is that you need to do 3 things just like in any other MLM company.  You need to sign up and get on Autoship of the product, you need to sign up distributors under you to sell the product, then teach them to do the same this you just did.

The Health & Wellness Business Climate

MLM is largely saturated with different companies that market health and wellness but in my opinion it really doesn’t matter!  Health and wellness is such a huge niche than every company that markets their individual super juice has a chance to make billions of dollars.  I believe that is why there are so many companies that try and market these types of products.

You are probably on this website because someone handed you a can of Zija and told you that you could become rich by giving away this product.  I commend you for doing you due diligence.  You may be wondering if Zija is a  scam or if it is possible to make money with Zija.

The short answer is that anyone joining the Zija International opportunity has that same chance to be a millionaire as the next.  The truth of the matter is that only a few will make it.  Those with determination and desire, those that will not give up and show the presentation to countless people at random hours of the day will be the ones who are successful.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  To make money with Zija you need to put in long hard hours of work and dedication.  It is very rare when someone sponsors an superstar early on in their business then gets to kick back and reap the benefits.  The truth is that 80% of the people that you sponsor into Zija will probably never even sponsor one person.  But that 20% can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.  The question is how many people will you sponsor in order to find that 20%?

You need to show you business to at least 10 people per day in order to make the big bucks.  You can do that by talking to every person you’ve ever met and attacking strangers in the mall or you can utilize the internet and show your business on auto pilot to 20+ people daily.  You decide!

Source by Freddie Baumann