You can discover particular themes in your life when you use numerology. Personal year numbers can be defined using the numbers in your birth date and the numbers of this year. There is little doubt that these numbers are significant and there will be those that people await while there are numbers that they dread. The personal year 2 stands out for many people as it may bring just as many problems as it will probably create opportunities.

08.23.2011 San Francisco, CA – Annie Green has just ended with a year 2 in numerology and she is just about to start a whole new year, she tells us her experience. “What I can was that it was hard and it was a genuine problem. Some people work through this year better than others do, but I was prepared and I knew what was in store for me and for that I am appreciative.” Green recommends a visit to the web page –

Your personal year number signifies the number that is likely to dominate a specific year. Of course, it will not be changing any of the numbers in your profile, but you will find certain themes popping up through the year. You could get a numerology readings for your personal year from a numerologist.

This year has been known a year that is mainly devoted to a wait and see period in life. This can be when a person feels limited or slowed down particularly if they are coming from a highly charged year one. In this year, it is really common to find yourselves chiefly in the background and you might even feel somewhat left behind while everyone else is moving on ahead of you. You have to prepare for delays, deadlocks, and detours during this year and it is something that will be quiet common. When you have a 1, 5, 8, or 9 for your life path, your challenge are going to be to hold your horses for sometime and slow down. At this time, you will find patients is important and you do must practice it as reqularly as you will.

You will find that this might not be an ideal time to move forward with any relationship, but it can be a year where you develop the connection you have with your partner. It is also important to be set as you might find yourself more emotionally drawn out than you ordinarily are. Some people with this year number might even report of depression.

One of the main keys to success for this year is to just hunker down and ready yourself for the upcoming years by honing the abilities that may be useful to you. You need to look for those activities that could possibly help you progress and do what you can to home in on the things that could help you cope with the upcoming years. If it helps, you’ll also start to anticipate a year 3, next year, that may present opportunities for you to socialize and meet new people.

The personal years in numerology readings are likely to follow a numeric series, if this year is your year 2 then last year was your year 1 and the year after that is your year 3. You can check for the numerology meanings of a new year with your numerologist.

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