A breakup can significantly affect your life. This is especially true if you spent many years seeing the same person. If you continue to wonder, will your ex boyfriend come back, do not despair. He may be giving you subtle signs that he is considering your company. He may say one thing, but his actions could be telling an entirely different story!

Frequent Run Ins

Do you find yourself frequently running into your ex? Does he miraculously appear at the places he knows you frequent? This could be a sure sign he is trying to catch a glimpse of you! Although he may not be ready for an actual reunion yet, his inability to go without at least seeing you in public Is a certain sign of interest.

It’s Just a Name

Does he seem to use your name often in conversations, both to you and to others? He may find some comfort in saying your name. This is a sure indication you are on his mind. Give it time and see if he starts to say more than just your name!

Friends Tell All

Your mutual friends may be your biggest allies in this situation. If you are still wondering, will your ex boyfriend come back, turn to these acquaintances for advice. They may have the inside story about what he is thinking and feeling. You are involved in the situation, so he is going to be far less likely to share these honest thoughts with you. At least until he is ready to get together again. Make sure your mutual friends are trustworthy. The last thing you want is to enlist the help of a drama queen or troublemaker as a go between. Also remember these are your friends, so make sure you view them as more than just “tools” in your game of love!

Source by Melissa Haworth