Mother Nature has bestowed upon us lush landscape, endless water bodies and a magnificent variety of flora and fauna. It is impossible to imagine a world without such wonderful endowments. To keep the natural cycle going, it is extremely essential to conserve the priceless elements of Planet Earth. However, it is disheartening and disappointing to see the beautiful animal species being endangered and threatened to life. We are losing the most beautiful creation of God only because of human carelessness and their irresponsible behavior. Animals are becoming extinct and vanishing away, the reason for which is loss of appropriate habitat, human interference, pollution and many such more causes. Wildlife conservation has become a critical issue of national importance.

Thankfully, the governments and national authorities have now become sensitive about this issue and many positive steps are being taken to protect and conserve the beautiful fauna of the world. The wildlife comprises of all those non-cultivated and non-domesticated animals that live in their natural habitat. Mammals, birds and reptiles all come under the category of wildlife. However, due to irrational human activities, the lives of these innocent creatures are being threatened. Their natural habitat is being destroyed because of which it becomes difficult for the wild animals to survive. Keeping aside the natural reasons for death, humans have played a significant role in disturbing the habitat of wild animals. India is home to almost 60-70% of the world’s biodiversity and it is an unfortunate fact that some of the wonderful wildlife species have become extinct now!

Considering the frequent loss of Nature’s essential creation, it has become all the more important for us to concentrate on Wildlife Conservation. The practice of conserving the species of wild animals focuses on preserving their natural habitat by initiating varied laws and campaigns. Governments across the globe have come together to make their contribution in this concern. Several wildlife conservation projects have been initiated that emphasize on protecting and preserving the fauna of all kinds. Non- frivolous use, Regulated commerce in wildlife and public trust doctrine are some beneficial steps taken by the North American government in view of Environmental Conservation. It is not only to maintain the natural beauty of our planet, but also to sustain the natural cycle of life and evolution that we need to conserve and protect the innocent wildlife species.

Source by Shomik Gupta