The increasing rate of literacy in the country can only be accredited to the fact that it is home to some of the best MBA colleges In Delhi, which is the national capital, there is an extreme demand for good B schools as it helps students to have the maximum amount of exposure. And not only Delhi, but all the major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune can boast of good business schools. However, the advantage with Delhi is that since it is such an old city, it has always been the cultural and historical hub of India. Now, it has gone on to become the educational centre point of the country and thus; though there is no dearth of top PGDM colleges in Delhi, students spill over every year into the capital looking for a B school that will give wings to their dreams.

But all this frenzy has a downside somewhere. While there are many top B schools in India, there are many more that are cropping up like mushrooms and it is these that can catch the ignorant dreamer unawares. India as a nation is crazy about education and it is these vulnerable feelings on which the businesses try to cash in. Many professionally qualified people decide to take a break from their career to do an MBA. Many more see MBA as a way out as they look for better opportunities. There are still others who believe that the only way to better job prospects is through an MBA degree. The question is what led to this obsession and more importantly, will we stop before everything is lost?

The importance of an MBA degree cannot be denied but it is the attitude of considering it as a holy grail is what needs to undergo a change. The reason for doing an MBA should be much more important than just getting better salary or opting for a job change. MBA helps people shift their focus from the purely technical to the conceptual and business aspects of a job. And while it does have some definitive perks, it is not everybody’s piece of cake. So if you are encouraging your child to do an MBA so that he earns much more than the ideal six-figure sum or getting brainwashed into doing MBA for the betterment of your career, you are on the wrong path.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of studying in a B school to get an MBA degree is that it inculcates in you the sense of entrepreneurship. And if this aspect is to be cultivated, you will be focusing on strengthening your business, strategy, team building, and people management skills. Dreams of high paying jobs and thoughts of out of turn raises will be few. And a B school that instills in you these values; that is the one to look out for. A business school is the true sense of the term.

Source by Atul Sharma