Air show events are some of the exciting shows that travel enthusiasts should attend to learn about the latest trends in the aviation industry. Aside from the traditional aerobatics displays, visitors would also be able to attend conferences and forums that focus on the aviation industry. For businesses that want to enter the industry, visiting one would help them better understand the trade.

What to Expect

Most air shows are divided into several zones. Each zone is dedicated for specific features such as the latest technologies, business, simulation and training as well as a separate area for conferences and forums.

For visitors who are interested in technology, visiting the technology zone would help them get a better understanding about the latest IT platforms that are to be implemented in the industry. Examples of these include the implementation of augmented reality, in-flight analytics, real-time flight monitoring as well as analytics of data and Next-Gen MRO IT.

Some exhibitors may also come from the manufacturing business so aircraft materials, designs and other additive manufacturing displays can also be found in this zone. This is the best place to start for visitors who are interested in investing or entering the aviation industry as suppliers for airlines, military or want to start an airline company.

The business zone on the other hand features companies that are into the aviation market. This is the best zone to mingle around if one is shopping for a plane. Large companies such as Embraer, Gulfstream or Bombardier are just some of the popular participants so one would be able to check out the latest aircraft supplied by these companies. Aircrafts are displayed in the show area so one can look at the aircraft and check out the interior and exterior as well as talk about its features with some of the exhibitors.

The last and most exciting zone would be the training and simulation area where visitors get the chance to try flying their own plane through simulators. Some exhibitors also have trainers on the side making it easy to ask questions and get a better understanding on the aviation industry.

Aside from the different zones and forum sections, air shows are not complete without seeing a flock of plane on display as well as an aerobatics show which will allow visitors the chance to see each aircraft's featured highlights. From attack helicopters to light aircraft to fighter jets, this is probably the best reason many attend people air shows wherever they are in the world.

Source by Patrick Laurence