Everyone knows that the animals are afraid of people, given that we can not know exactly about how animals look upon people, so people had ever seen a bit confused when analysis of why they are sometimes afraid of people that they never met.

Here I tried to use my normal accumulation of animal knowledge to talk about how to treat the problem of animals afraid of people with all readers. Of course, in my judgment, there are many subjective things, so I would like to communicate with you here.

We often distinguish ourselves with animals in the subconscious, animals may also be like to see us. We consider in spirit that we distinguish with the animals, while the animal alone relies on the ordinary sensory organs to find the abnormal characteristics of a person: In their eyes, “people” has a variety of body colors (because we wear different clothes), a variety of smell (because we eat different food) and a variety of shapes (as we often have shoulder, bear and carry things), and sometimes make all kinds of strange voices (not just words, and sometimes come up with the machinery of human sound, etc.). Of course, all of these animals can not understand the alternative phenomenon, as we are born of the vigilance and apprehension about strange things, it is not surprising that animals are afraid of “strange things” that has no fixed shape, color, odor and behavior.

We do not act in accordance with the laws of nature. In the eyes of animals, humans felled large trees while will not eat them, kill many animals while do not leave carcasses, there are too many things that can not judge based on their own experience, especially those animals rarely seen human activity, will be unusual shock of the behavior of human, I believe that kind of shock as good as we have seen aliens. Those animals living in the vicinity of humans, as they become familiar with the characteristics of us, have little fear, but they also carefully keep distance from us because of elusive behavior of humans.

We do not know any rules and communication of animals. Animals will Calibrate of their field through leaving their own scent on the branches or on the ground, to animals this tag can not be ignored. But because of our sense of smell and other sensory functions not as well developed as animals, and we lack the necessary knowledge of the field, we rarely notice the tags, so we will frankly broke into animal territory. This seemingly cynical bold move, make the animals think that we have the power to ignore their warning, then they will be a bit timid; animals in some special way to send the intruder signal, but for the same reason, we rarely pay attention and respond to that kind of signal, to the animal, it is the provocation of their power, for the vast majority of animals, they will be careful to avoid conflict, observed in the dark.

If we change our attitude towards wildlife, it can weaken their guard on a large extent, so that make them closer with us. Once animals understand the human’s behavior patterns, they may gradually learn to use human resources, and become our Partner. The most famous is the variety of rodents and small birds, in particular of the sense, human agriculture (fisheries) make their family thriving as never before, the number of them rapidly growing, so that in turn caused damage to our production, forcing us to take measures to control their numbers.

“Animals lose their fear of people’s nature, it became terrible”. A long time ago, I read these words, and I still have deep impression so far. Wild animals and humans should remain a safe distance, this is a very reasonable law. If animals too much into our lives, it will be bound to upset our order. Heron that still shelter in the park a few years ago, has began to steal food fish ponds in the economy now; Black-headed Gull has not satisfied with the feeding by people, they start to look for something to eat in the city, it is no longer safe to put the food in the open air. It is small matter about loss of some of the food, the threat to public health and safety is the thing we should strict attention, migratory birds could carry the threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza is a signal.

Animals and people should stay in the environment that be suitable for their own. If you are care for animals,you should make them in their natural life, non-aggression, this is the real harmony.

Source by xucc999