Nowadays the aircraft fuel prices go up like crazy. This is making flying an airplane a very expensive venture. Would not you be happy do discover a way to fly without buying fuel?

That is possible if you try flying an ultralight glider – an aircraft without engine. There are several types of gliders and in this article I'll let you know about the most important and popular of them.

Ultralight Gliders

The gliders are airplanes which can fly without engine and fuel. They look very much like normal airplanes and can have a closed or open cockpit and various kinds of wings.

A good glider will let you soar in the sky like a bird – for hours. And the only time you need power will be the time of taking off the ground.

There are two ways to take off the glider. With the most popular method you need another airplane which has engine. The glider and the airplane are connected with a rope. Once your glider get high enough to soar freely, the rope is released and you are free. The motorized airplane can land. So you have to pay only for a few minutes powered fly. However, obviously there is another pilot engaged in this operation.

The other method is usually more cost effective. It's called winch launching . Here you use a land locked engine which is connected through a long rope to your glider. The which quickly picks up the glider and the pilot releases the rope when he is ready to fly on his own.

The glider prices are close to the prices of an ultralight airplane, but the glider's usage is much cheaper, because you do not need fuel. The only problem is that you must to an airport which offers service for taking off gliders – either winch launching or through another plane who can take your off.

Hang Gliders

The hand gliders known also as deltaplanes are a lighter version of the gliders discussed above. They are constructed for one or two pilots and are attached directly to your body. You are so happy, there is no cockpit or anything like that.

The hang gliders are cheap and easy to use. You do not need other airplane or a winch launching engine to take of. Instead of that you just need to go to a high place (for example the closest to you mountain) and run for fewer meters on your feet. Then jump, and here you are flying!

The hang glider will also let you fly for hours as long as there are appropriate weather conditions and wind. No special education or license is required.

A brand new hang glider can be bought for about $ 5,000, but you can find second hand much cheaper (under 2k).


If you think flying a hang glider is not easy enough, I'll suggest you look at even simpler option. The Paragliders are lighter than the hang gliders / deltaplanes. Instead of having hard wing, their wing is soft and looks like a parachute. When you are done with your flying you can pick up your paraglider, put it in a large backpack and go home.

The hang glider wing needs storage place, while the paraglider can be put in your wardrobe.

The paragliders – just like hang gliders – do not need anyone to take them off. You just need to go at a high place, run, jump and start flying.

The paragliders are probably the easiest and cheapest method for flying and sky diving. A brand new paraglider can cost about $ 3,000. An used one can be found for less than $ 1000. If you really want to fly but have not done that yet, I can only ask you what else are you waiting for.

Flying for fun is possible without engine, expensive aircraft or license. It is easy, cheap and ecological.

Source by Bobby Handzhiev