• A revenue program with a loyalty component
  • An opportunity for e-commerce sites to increase revenue, sites visits and mindshare with their customers
  • A way for customers to benefit from rewards, discount and protection programs that match their needs and interest

Doesn’t Webloyalty sound interesting? Yes… Webloyalty enables its clients – e-commerce, e-travel and e-subscription sites – to further monetize their Web site traffic by offering reward, discount and protection programs to their customers.

Webloyalty provides value to its clients – more than 150 online retail, travel and subscription services sites – by offering the potential to increase e-business revenue, site visits and mindshare with customers.

With more than 2 million memberships, Webloyalty.com also provides value to its members by offering incentives for additional purchases at their favorite online sites as well as discounts on travel, dining in popular restaurants or cash back rebates from hundreds of top online retailers.

Additionally, Webloyalty is an online marketer of and provides member support for the Official NASCAR Membership Club, a site which enables NASCAR fans to interact with their favorite drivers and other fans and to access merchandise, information and discounts on race tickets and travel.

Join more than 150 online retail, travel and subscription services sites providing an added value to their customers and potentially increasing their e-commerce revenue. Your customers will enjoy travel discounts, dining discounts, or cash back rebates from hundreds of popular online retailers.

Webloyalty is the premiere provider of reward, discount and travel protection programs with more than 2 million memberships. Webloyalty is also a marketer of and provides member support for the Official NASCAR Membership Club, a site which gives fans special access to the exciting world of NASCAR.

Webloyalty.com continues its commitment to responsible marketing and value-added, customer-friendly subscription services.

What benefits do Webloyalty membership programs provide?

  • Dining discounts
  • Shopping discounts
  • Amusement discounts
  • Cash back online shopping
  • Travel protection
  • Hotel discounts
  • Roadside assistance

Webloyalty’s Membership Programs:

Reservation Rewards provides discounts for retail shopping, leisure activities, and movie tickets, as well as travel protection. Members select the activity they want online and simply print out the discount coupons which they present at purchase for savings up to 50%.

Shopper Discounts & Rewards provides cash back shopping at hundreds of online retail web sites. Members also receive coupon codes to unlock further savings online, as well as special offers for even greater savings.

Webloyalty is a cutting-edge, online marketing services company. Webloyalty partners with top e-commerce websites to offer consumers the opportunity to join an online program for special discounts, rewards and protection benefits. Programs include: Reservation Rewards, specializing in local and national discounts on dining, shopping, attractions and movies; Shopper Discounts & Rewards, offering automatic Cash Back Rebates on online purchases at hundreds of web sites; Travel Values Plus, presenting discounts on hotels and rental cars plus various travel protection benefits.

Security Issues

Thanks to their wealth of experience the Webloyalty team also understands security and privacy issues. Although millions of people now shop online, not every Internet business employs the best methods for keeping customer data private. Webloyalty puts safeguarding information at the top of their priorities, achieving compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – the gold standard in data protection – for the third consecutive year.

Customer Service

Webloyalty’s also rates customer service as a main priority. Customer service representatives are available 7-days a week to provide professional, friendly, no hassle service. Additionally, customer service is available via the Internet or automated telephone system.

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Source by Adam Taisch