QR code is a trademark for a type of matrix barcode that is first designed for automotive industry. A barcode stores all information about products including manufacturing/expiry date, color and other information that is readable by scanner or Barcode Reader. A QR code consists of black square dots that arranged in a square grid on a white background. These barcodes can easily scan by any scanner, barcode reader even your smart phone too.

A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes these are numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary etc to efficiently store information about product. QR codes stands by Quick Response codes that are black and white squiggly barcodes that used for automotive industry, marketers adopted barcodes because of their large storage capacity. QR barcode provides ability to transform additional information to consumers beyond what creative and packaging could convey.

If a customer sees a QR barcode somewhere, they can take out their mobile device, open up a QR code scanner, and “scan” that barcode to access additional information about the products. When you compare that to a traditional linear or 1D barcode, that provides more information, in less space. QR codes have been gaining traction in advertising, marketing as well as networking. QR codes can be used to link directly to a URL, including social media properties or custom landing pages. QR codes can also store text information like mailing addresses. QR codes are a great way to bridge the gap between the traditional world of offline marketing and online world.

When you scan a QR code with your smartphone, you can easily catch in information about product. But QR codes can also link to web content, video, email, instant messaging, social media and SMS, and more. And any of these functions are easily achieved with a QR code generator. QR codes can be read by anyone with a smart phone and a barcode scanner app, or a 2D barcode scanner. With quick response codes, businesses and organizations are finding new ways to deliver information and interact with consumers.


Nowadays there are various applications available in market to create barcodes. DRPU Barcodes Designer Software is one of them that easily generate QR barcodes in minimal time Add QR codes to your business cards. You can include your business name, address, website, blog, even links to your social media properties. The QR code will let your prospects and peers scan your business card and easily add you to their contacts.

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