Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Like a wedding cake, the cost of flowers for a wedding can be one of the biggest expenses faced.  Fortunately, it is possible to get wedding flowers on a budget.

One of the first considerations the bridal couple must decide is just exactly what sort of expense is realistic for the bridal bouquet and the boutonniere.  Depending on the style and the composition of the bouquet, they could run as high as several hundred dollars.  A good portion of this expense is the choice of flowers that may not necessarily be in season, especially on a local or regional basis.  If it is possible to get the specific flowers you desire, chances are they will have to be specially ordered, and will, of course, be far more expensive than usual.

Another source of budget wedding flowers is to check local farmers markets or wholesalers to see what might be available or leftover when florists failed to pick them up.  Because these places dislike keeping flowers around for any length of time, it is possible to pick up some good bargains a day or so prior to the wedding.  With careful storage, the flowers can last sufficiently to be useful for the wedding reception.  This option is especially useful if you know someone who has talent in flower arranging and could put together the floral arrangements used at the reception and/or the actual bridal bouquet.

Another option to consider is to plan the ceremony and reception at an outdoor location which naturally has flowers as a part of the surroundings. There are several parks and other venues like a local botanical garden that will fit the bill in this instance.  An additional benefit to this arrangement is that there are some of these locations which do not charge for their use.  This way, the only flowers you would actually need to buy would be those in the bridal bouquet and possibly some boutonnières for the groom and his groomsmen.  Bags of rose petals can be found for a relatively inexpensive cost at many florists for the flower girl to sprinkle along the path the bride will take to the altar.  Be sure to inquire ahead of time about the park’s regulations regarding needing to pickup the flower petals since you might find yourself responsible for making sure they are cleaned up before you leave the site.

Rather than buying real flowers, you might want to consider substituting well-made silk flowers instead.  As a rule, they tend to be less expensive, and it is possible to preserve the wedding bouquet in a glassed-in container or cabinet on display indefinitely.  Additional wedding flowers can be purchased and added to make simple bouquets or centerpieces to decorate the tables in the reception hall.

Lastly, if you’re having a wedding at an unusual time of the year, like in the winter, you might want to consider decorating with something like boughs of evergreen or holly instead of traditional wedding flowers.  Even potted poinsettia plants can be used effectively to provide decoration.  If you’re considering a themed wedding, you may not even have to worry about flowers at all.  A little research for this event can prove to be a money saver in the long run.

To your beautiful wedding!

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