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VINFAST Sedan and SUV Introduction – First Cars of Vietnamese Design by Pininfarina

VinFast, Vietnam’s new (and only) automaker, turned to its citizens to decide what its inaugural vehicles should look like. Now, VinFast is sharing the first images of the final product — a sedan and SUV that will debut October 2 at the Paris Motor Show.
The vehicles were officially designed by Italian company Pininfarina, which collaborated with VinFast. Before the design process started in earnest, VinFast took 20 sketches from four Italian car design houses and let the public vote on their favorite in a nationwide poll that attracted 62,000 people. The images below are the ultimate fruits of that early voting on what styling direction VinFast should take.
Both vehicles have a prominent chrome “V” in the center of the grille and LED daytime running lights that create an italicized F-motif. The premium sedan has a long hood and horizontal body lines, while the SUV has a more muscular-looking hood.

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