Ever wondered what’s so good about those small gadgets called vacuum cleaners. Shiny plastic, glossy and metallic colors, hose which swipes the floor and what not – all those wonderful small things. Small parts which can be easily taken out called attachments make one whole vacuum cleaner. Generally vacuum cleaners can be classified as: Upright, Canister, Steam Cleaner, Commercial, Hand Held, Wet/Dry, Stick, Central Vacuum and Robotic.

Apart from these there are attachment types in which there are replacement bags, filters, belt, brush, hose, wand and cleaning solution). The other types are capture types vacuum cleaners which can be classified as bagless and bagged. Then there are the filtration types including Hepa, Micron, Allergen, Electrostatic, Cyclonic and Celoc.

While these names may sound complicated for the general user, these should not be a problem while buying a vacuum cleaners. These names are in fact only the design/model names. The general user only has to look out at the features and the kind of requirement he/she has. Depending upon the area one has to swipe out and the power one can utilize optimally, he/she should choose the vacuum cleaner.

Whichever vacuum you choose to buy, look for its utility, don’t just go by looks. See it’s that not heavy to carry. Perform the airflow test. See that the vacuum cleaner you are buying is easy to carry, pull and push. And yes, it should produce the minimum noise. The general criteria for noise is less than or equal to 85 decibels. *Canisters are supposed to less sound producing.

Depending upon the requirement one may have, these vacuum cleaners have been designed. The most commonly used vacuum cleaners are the ones used in hotels, restaurants, homes. Generally these are lightweight, compact and easy to use, still there are preferences. Eureka Forbes, Panasonic, Philips, Optima are some of the famous names in the Indian market.

As most of the vacuum cleaners come with brands, you can shop for them online. You can surf for them on any of the good online shopping website and look for the one which suits your requirement. One advantage of purchasing a vacuum cleaner from an online shopping store is that you get heavy discounts….

Source by Tom Lopez