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The Best Shopping Holiday for Travelers May Not Be Black Friday (but It’s Close)

Those looking to score the cheapest airfares around this Thanksgiving holiday shopping season may have their patience tested.Between Black Friday, Cyber

36 Hours in Denver – The New York Times

In the last seven years, Denver’s population has grown by more than 100,000, a boom many new residents credit to the

Uber and Lyft Announce Rewards Programs

Who is eligible to join?For now, the program is offered to customers in only nine locations in the United States: Miami,

On Samos, Aesop’s Fabled Isle, a Mix of Greeks, Migrants and Tourists

The west side of Samos is wilder and largely protected as a park. Mount Kerkis rises in a dramatic heap of

Latest Sizzle in Miami? Food Halls

The Miami food scene is exploding with food halls, collections of vendors and restaurant stalls in one space, usually vast. In

How to Up the Spontaneity Quotient on Your Next Trip

Another strategy: For every five days of your trip, set aside one for planned spontaneity. In the city? Bury your phone

We’re Reimagining Our Travel Journalism. Tell Us What You’d Like to See.

ImageBULLETIN BOARDOur new Travel editor, Amy Virshup, says she will be rebooting our travel journalism for the digital age. Send her

Vegan or Vegetarian? You Have More Travel and Dining Options Than Ever

November is World Vegan Month, and with an increasing number of places catering to all types of vegan travelers, there’s a

In the Race to Catch a Flight, Smoothing a Big Bump: The Rental-Car Return

Perry Morgan, a sales representative from Ocala, Fla., said the part of a recent business trip to Oakland, Calif., he dreaded

This Town Once Feared the 10-Story Waves. Then the Extreme Surfers Showed Up.

NAZARÉ, Portugal — At the market in the ancient fishing village of Nazaré, Portuguese pensioners shopped for their fruit and vegetables.

Hotel Review: Generation Laptop Finds a Home in Brooklyn

Rates$159 and up.The BasicsFounded in the once-rough East London district of Shoreditch in 2006 and rapidly expanding to progressive cities like

What You Need to Know About Boeing’s 737 Max

The Boeing 737 Max, which the company unveiled in 2017, quickly became one of its most popular planes: 200 Maxes bought

Where to Stay, and What to Eat, in Miami

For those who haven’t visited in a minute, some of the recent changes Miami has undergone may come as a surprise.

What RuPaul Can’t Travel Without

The most famous drag queen in the world, RuPaul, has collected three Emmys for hosting the reality competition “RuPaul’s Drag Race,”

In Toronto, a Restaurant Puts Mexican Cuisine on a Wood Fire

Smoke is often said to be the secret Mexican ingredient and everything here is cooked on a wood fire. The long,

Historic Preservation or Just Ripping Out a Way of Life in Beijing?

“Isn’t it more convenient,” he asked, “if I can just get those outside of where I live?”Along the hutong where he

How to Ski for Less This Winter

The flexible freelancerYou work a lot, but your main requirements are a laptop and good internet connection. Carving out a week

Pip and Me: A Journey Into the World of ‘Great Expectations’

It’s a warm morning, the sky is cloudless and the marshes of the Hoo Peninsula, 25 miles downriver from London, are

How to Eat Safely and Travel With an Autoimmune Disease

“Visiting regions like Western Europe where it’s easy to replace medications is also helpful,” he added. If specialty drugs are lost

‘Entering Burn Area’: Yosemite After the Fire

In the last two years, the state of California, where I live, has been ravaged by fires so unprecedented that a

Singapore’s Claim as a Street-Food Hub Riles Malaysians

HONG KONG — Ever since Singapore separated from Malaysia and declared independence in 1965, the two neighbors have argued over who

It’s Dinnertime in the Amazon. Look What’s on the Chef’s Menu.

CACHICHIRA, Bolivia — The hunt began at nightfall under a crescent moon and with a chorus of frogs, which suddenly went

In France, a Giant Spider and a Minotaur Roam, and Sleep

PARIS — Imagine looking out the window one morning and seeing a gigantic spider perched on the roof of a neighboring

Palau Bans Many Kinds of Sunscreen, Citing Threat to Coral

What are the alternatives?Not all sunscreens are “reef toxic.” But “some of the sunscreens without these chemicals are quite expensive, which

The Imagined Story Behind Leonard Cohen’s ‘Suzanne’

She didn’t care, she didn’t care much, about his stubbled homeliness. And he was poet enough to know that everyone, every

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