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Michiel Huisman Isn’t Spooked by Table Tennis

The Dutch actor Michiel Huisman doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he does worship Ping-Pong.On a recent Thursday afternoon, Mr. Huisman had

‘An Impossible Dream Come True’

Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey and George D. Crowley III are to be married Nov. 11 at the Butterfly Conservatory, Fairchild Garden in

In Her New Book, Michelle Obama Denounces Trump’s Sexism and His Promotion of the ‘Birther’ Conspiracy

The memoir is landing at a moment when the former president and first lady have returned to public life after mostly

Gelatin Breaks Out of Its Mold

Little bowls of red jiggly Jell-O were a common sight in our family’s refrigerator. Cool, bouncy, sweet and light, there’s always

A Rare Look at the Letters Between Two Art World Giants

How is art shaped by friendship? The exhibition “Calder / Kelly,” which is now open at the Lévy Gorvy gallery in

People, Places and Things to Know: Japanese Glass Artists, a Food-Focused Hotel and More

T Introduces: The Glass Artists Baku Takahashi and Tomoko WadaGlass melts above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point it resembles sun-bright

Phoebe Robinson’s Work Diary: ‘The Sausage Is Getting Made Very Publicly, but It Makes You Fearless’

Tuesday10 a.m. Conference call for potential movie role. This was a FaceTime call with a female director — just getting a

How Does a Museum Buy an Artwork That Doesn’t Physically Exist?

The purchase of “This You” culminated in a summit meeting of sorts. (“There was a lot of buildup to this meeting,”

A Celebration Designed Specifically for the Groom, Each of Them

When Dr. Amit Patel and Martin Fulton met through Facebook almost eight years ago, neither of them had ever dated online.

Listen: Busy Philipps Reads ‘How to Break Up With a 2-Year-Old’

At 40, Laurie Sandell met a man with a child whom she learned to love as her own. When the relationship

The Congressional Uniform Is About to Change

Thus does the old political camouflage erode — slowly, but with visible results.On Tuesday night (and for some, Wednesday morning), as

A Shakshuka for Tonight – The New York Times

Tomorrow, well, there’s a sandwich one of my kids has been eating for years now, a ham and cheese number they

This Danish Designer Wages Battle Against Tasteful Nordic Grays

BY AGE 10, Nadia Olive Schnack had already come to regard the tasteful neutrality of Scandinavian interiors with disdain. Unbidden, the

The Artist and the Fashion Designer Celebrating Black Trailblazers

KJR: Healing.DA: Yes, and so with the “Green Book,” I realized that it was created by a postal worker. He was

A New Fashion Star is Crowned, and He’s Not Afraid of Controversy

The evening before Americans went to the polls to cast their votes in the midterm elections, some of the most powerful

The Calm Place – The New York Times

Nov. 5, 2018(Elections Are Happening. This is Not About Them.)… is a soft breeze on the beach …(TAKE A deep breath

Two Daredevils Unafraid to Soar Together

The groom, 38, is a tandem instructor at Skydive Moab, a sky-diving operation in Moab, Utah, as well as a wingsuit

As Nigerian Fashion Booms, Women Lead Its Coverage

“I come from a very entrepreneurial family, so making something out of nothing was never a foreign concept to me,” she

Ivy Howell, Timothy Gunatilaka – The New York Times

Ivy Bergsten Howell and Timothy Chrisantha Gunatilaka were married Nov. 3 at Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest, Ill. The Rev.

Katelyn Polantz, Jared Soares – The New York Times

Katelyn Jo Polantz and Jared Thomas Soares were married Nov. 3 in Pittsburgh. The Rev. Bernard Karmanocky, a Roman Catholic priest,

My Almost Motherhood – The New York Times

When I was 34 and single, a social services caseworker asked me if I wanted to adopt a 14-year-old girl. Wanted.

Is Agnes Gund the Last Good Rich Person?

At a recent gala benefit for the Getty Center in Los Angeles, Agnes Gund accepted an award for her achievements in

T Suggests: Orchid-Inspired Handbags, a Diane Arbus Exhibition and More

Ghosts of ManhattanWhen the Dutch artist and fashion model Saskia de Brauw first started traveling to New York for work, eight

Resy Acquires Reserve, in the Fierce Tussle Over Restaurant Reservations

“The market for OpenTable and such companies was always more limited, because some people just didn't use it," said John A.

Know Your Squash: How They Look, How They Cook

As Thanksgiving gatherings go, they are a motley group: the Curcurbitaceae, a vine-growing family with nearly 1,000 members, including pumpkins, melons,

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