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The Boss: Still Minding the Mill

I’M 81 and have been working since I was 13. In junior high school, I ripped old fabric off of chairs

Corner Office: Always Thank Your Star Players, Chegg’s C.E.O. Says

This interview with Dan Rosensweig, president and chief executive of Chegg, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. Chegg rents textbooks

The Boss: Margaret Minson: When the Game’s on the Line

I GREW up in Rockaway Beach, Queens. I’ve always been an athlete. In the 1950s, when I started playing tennis as

Preoccupations: An Entrepreneur Who Took a Chance on Herself

SIX years ago, fresh out of Stanford with a degree in economics, I had what many would consider the perfect job.

The Boss: Flying the Annin & Co. Flag

WHEN I was 22, I joined the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, which was founded in 1774. It’s a historical organization,

Corner Office: The Limited’s Chief: Re-Recruit Your Team Every Day

Q. And what are your best interview questions?A. I always like to hear what books they read. What keeps them up

Corner Office: To MasterCard’s Retiring Chief, the X Factor is Presence

This interview with Robert W. Selander, chief executive of MasterCard, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. Mr. Selander will retire

The Boss: Joel Peresman, Drawn to the Music

I’VE always loved music. I remember saving 63 cents when I was 6 so my mother could buy me my first

Preoccupations: The Urban Lands of Opportunity

WHEN I was growing up, there was a strict line between work and life. Every morning, my dad downed a bowl

Corner Office: Susan Docherty of G.M.: What if You Were in My Shoes?

This interview with Susan Docherty, who leads the United States sales, service and marketing team at General Motors, was conducted and

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