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As Opioid Prescriptions Fall, Prescriptions for Drugs to Treat Addiction Rise

Two years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the first national guidelines for prescribing opioids, recommending that doctors

Even a mild head injury increases risk for Parkinson’s disease, veterans study shows – ABC News

ABC NewsEven a mild head injury increases risk for Parkinson's disease, veterans study showsABC NewsEven a mild head injury, commonly called

The future of fighting opioid addiction may lie in text messages

A new form of support for those battling opioid addictions may be available via text. That's the goal of researchers from

First Medical Marijuana Pharmacy coming to New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS - "It's such a big thing, and the first thing I could think about is my dad," Ruston Henry

Chopped romaine lettuce recall affecting Central Georgia

More than 30 cases of people getting sick from chopped romaine lettuce have been reported to the CDC. Tuesday, Bibb County

Barbara Bush is choosing ‘comfort care.’ What does it mean? More than you may think.

Comfort Care Is Not Giving Up — Not By A Long ShotWhile we don’t know the specifics of Barbara Bush’s situation,

Over 100 genes that determine hair colour identified

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 17, 2018 11:10:28 am There are 124 genes that play a major role

Ketamine Shows Promise for Fast Relief of Depression – U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World ReportKetamine Shows Promise for Fast Relief of DepressionU.S. News & World ReportA new study finds that the

E. coli outbreak linked to possibly tainted lettuce; salad mixes recalled

A Pennsylvania food manufacturer is recalling 8, 757 pounds of ready-to-eat salad products following an E. coli outbreak that has spread

Chili Grower Defends Carolina Reaper After World’s Hottest Pepper Hospitalizes Man

A chili grower defended the Carolina Reaper, after the world's hottest chili pepper reportedly sent a man to the hospital. He

Can hottest pepper on earth cause ‘incapacitating’ headache?

By Tim Carman | Washington Post A 34-year-old man ate a Carolina Reaper, the hottest chile pepper on earth, and developed what’s

Local doctors alarmed by growing antibiotic resistance – News –

Karen PORTSMOUTH – Doctors have been warning for years that the overuse of medicines, antibiotics and antivirals has been leading

Dr. Pimple Popper Tackles Tough ‘Skittles’ Breakout

By Michael Hein - April 14, 2018 Dr. Pimple Popper shared a harrowing new video with fans on Saturday afternoon, showing

Parents beg you to vaccinate your kids for influenza

LIKE many parents, Gary and Kerry-Anne Baxter did not think a case of the flu was that serious — until it

Could Too Much Sitting Possibly Make Your Brain Thinner? – Forbes

ForbesCould Too Much Sitting Possibly Make Your Brain Thinner?ForbesSitting too much isn't supposed to make you thin, right? Well, it may

Has the opioid pendulum swung too far? Finding the balance between pain and addiction

Dr. Kenneth Choquette knows the kind of chronic pain his patients endure every day. Without opioid pills, some cannot work, sleep

Measles case confirmed in Kansas City, Missouri

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) and the Kansas City Missouri Health Department have been notified of a

Bad news night owls: People who go to bed later may be at higher risk of poor health – ABC News

ABC NewsBad news night owls: People who go to bed later may be at higher risk of poor healthABC NewsA young

Polynesians may not have gone grocery shopping in South America

Enlarge / Sweet potatoes growing in a field.Robert Scotland Sweet potatoes are a staple food crop in most of the world

Meharry, Morehouse partner with the University of Zambia

Meharry Medical College and the Morehouse School of Medicine have formed a partnership with the University of Zambia to develop an

Navajo Nation latest to sue over opioid epidemic in US

One of the country's largest American Indian tribes is the latest to sue pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors, alleging their conduct

Synthetic cannabinoids claims first death in Illinois

Copyright 2018 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Illinois - The Illinois Department of Public Health is

Trump launches a new website to solicit opioid addiction stories

(CNN) - The White House is using a new website to collect and share stories from Americans about how they or

Paired kidney exchange case has two strangers donate organs for life-saving surgery

IT’S a tale of sacrifice involving a father and daughter and two strangers searching for the gift of life. Abby Colman,

Loperamide Poisoning: Man Dies Due To Overdose Of Anti-Diarrhea Drug : Health : Tech Times

The 29-year-old man was found to have 25 times the amount of loperamide's regular dose in his blood. What is the

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