Magnetic Therapy is one way to alleviate problems that hinders you from moving around to enjoy life. This includes electromagnetic devices or static magnets that applies magnetic field to the body for health therapy. Research has proven the benefits of magnetic therapy to heal wounds and boost strength and vitality. 

Magnetic Therapy was made known in the earliest times to enhance circulation and relieve body pains. Magnetic therapy is only known today for its advantages free from any side effect. 

Magnetic function

Modern biological magnetism’s discovery years ago was the key for researches to dig deeper the great effects of magnetic field to human body, tissues, cells, enzymes and biological magnetic fields. It is also believed that our body parts are interrelated and can be accessed through points in the hands and feet. Application of magnetic devices to acupuncture sites can stimula te the cell to function, expand the blood vessels and increase the oxygen level, enhance the metabolism of tissues and balance the entire system workload. Conclusively, magnetic therapy aid in medical crises and health promotion. 

Magnetic Jewelleries

Whether their effects are just placebo for psychological satisfaction, there are several health benefits that a lot can attest. By just using magnetic jewelleries including bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings anytime of the day, your body problems will diminish and sooner go. You don’t have to worry about the style since they come in a lot of designs. There are magnetic devices that are sporty, plain, accessorized, elegant and chic. It depends on your mood if what type and color you will buy for yourself or for a friend. 

Magnetic Mattress Pads

These are designed to give a restful sleep. The person will wake up the next day with increased energ y and lesser pains. The mechanism works when you sleep. The magnet pads calms you and allows a soothing sleeping effect on the brain by melatonin hormone stimulation. This hormone is known for its sedating effect. 

Magnetic Beauty Products

The face is made up of magnets that help to reduce wrinkles and give you a fresh, young look. Plastic masks are created with 19 2000 gauss magnets to add to the natural magnets ability to lessen the unwanted skin aging. This is recommended to be worn 30 minutes to one hour a day. 

Magnetic Hairbrush

Chinese believe that magnets help resolve hair loss, promoting hair growth, thickness and silky hair. Magnetic brush stimulate the hair follicle to be healthy without the help of hair chemicals that later destroy hair. The device uses 1000 gauss, negative pole magnet that attracts the bristles to strengthen and massage the head and hair. This can be used often as you desire.

Source by Saso P