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Holy Rosary Church – the Portuguese Church of Calvary in Bangkok

Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country, with a fraction of inhabitants from other religions such as Islam, Christianity and Confucianism harmoniously

Top Ten Vacation Spots in America – Why Travel Abroad

Who doesn't like a vacation?  A vacation is always a welcome respite from seemingly endless work, school semesters that seem to

Top Reasons to Visit the Los Angeles Zoo

By 1956, the city of Los Angeles had outgrown the small Griffith Park Zoo. The citizens passed a $6.6 million bond

Attractions and Best places to visit in saudi arabia

Situated in the Asian continent, Saudi Arabia is the country known for its beautiful valleys, striking mountains and Red Sea beaches.

Dharamsala is the Ultimate Destination for Volunteering in India

Are you interested in volunteering in India? You can visit Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh and be a part of the huge

Planning Business Travel, Events, Hospitality & Teambuilding in Southeast Asia

Tired of the same old grind at work? Feeling like your employees are getting a little uninspired? Want to generate dedication,

Travel Tips To European Countries: Holland

About the CountryThe summers are cool here but the winters are severe with some chances of snowfall. Rainfall can be expected

Mtv Spring Break

     MTV was the network that practically invented spring break as we know it today. Sure, young college co-eds and even high

Visit the Vasa Warship Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa meets her final destiny in August 1628 Vasa initiated her maiden voyage on the 10th of August 1628, leaving the

Crm In travel industry

In the competitive travel industry, customer satisfaction no longer guarantees customer loyalty. Ongoing relationships with loyal customers are the key to

Traveling to Iran as an unmarried couple

Visit Iran and experience the oriental hospitality at its best. I know that open-minded friendliness towards tourists is very common throughout South

Top Tourist Attractions in Konark

Konark along with Puri and Bhubaneswar collectively known as the Golden Triangle of Odisha. The name Konark is derived from two

Worlds Best Diving Destinations on a Shoestring – Sipadan Borneo

If you like turtles and sharks, great drop offs and reefs to snorkel then you will love Sipadan. This island off

About Some Famous Holiday Places in India

India is a diverse country in South Asia. It has be worldwide popular in terms of tourism and holidays. Tourists and

Health and Wellness Retreats in India

India has been the haven to tourists from all over the world since ages, for yoga, meditation, spiritual enlightenment and ayurvedic

Hilo Hawaii

When most people think of going to Hawaii, they think of going to Honolulu, somewhere on the island of Maui or

Get Married On Grand Bahamas Island And Have A Wedding In Paradise

For that special day, when after you have given the ring and you heard the word, "Yes!", then it is time

Rafting on a Couples Only Jamaica Vacation

It's easy to find an all inclusive vacation in Jamaica but the majority are for families. That's great for people with

Gondola rides? Music? Venice comes alive!

For a little extra money you can get these amazing gondola boat rides with live real people singing songs with fiddles.

Originally Known as Christiania

Originally known as Christiania, Oslo is the capital of Norway and also the nation's largest city. It is widely known in

Tokyo Toy Shops

There are many great toy shops in and around Tokyo, and after years of traveling and searching I have compiled a

Take the High Road – Sante Fe to Taos, New Mexico

In the small village of Chimayo, New Mexico, there is a small, dark sanctuary that each year draws thousands of visitors.

A Few Interesting Facts About Paris You May not Know

Many people know the city of Paris as the City of Light but they may have never heard of Paris being

Simferopol Kerch Evpatoria Ukraine

Yevpatoriya City Information Evpatoria or Yevpatoriya is a city located on the Crimean Peninsula north-west of Simferopol. With a population of

Visiting Utah On Your Next Road Trip

While in Utah, look for mountains, deserts, colorful canyons, cool caves, natural bridges, arches and a big, bold, briny lake. Visitors

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