Top 5 Tips & Tricks to bring value back to your old car. Curb appeal says a lot about the car. Faded headlights not only look awful but they are also dangerous. Starting with a headlight polish using Headlight Restorer we make the lights on this Range Rover look factory fresh.

EcoSmart is the quickest and easiest way to remove dirt and debris will adding a layer of wax for shine and protection. After the silver paint was clean we further inspected the surface and decided to clay the paint to remove embedded contamination that makes the paint feel rough.

Polish removes a fine layer of clear coat to reveal fresh paint. Scratches usually reside in the top layer of paint which is better known as the clear coat so by removing a very small amount of this area we are creating a fresh reflective surface.

Wrapping up the exterior detail with a fine coat of Wet Mirror Finish adds shine and gloss while also increasing protection. Glaze fills minor scratches and swirls for a finish as slick as a mirror.

Climbing into the interior where years of grease and body oils have clogged the leather upholstery. Using Leather Cleaner we easily cut through all the grime to reveal natural supple leather. Now that it is exposed it must be treated, utilizing Leather Serum to add a durable coat of protection that smells great!

Headlight Restorer Polish

V4 All-In-One Polish + Sealant

TORQ 10FX Dual Action Polisher

White Hex-Logic Quantum Pad

Wet Mirror Finish

Black Hex-Logic Quantum Pad

Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating

Leather Cleaner

Leather Serum

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