Have you been considering switching from a Gasoline powered car to a Diesel powered car? Perhaps the thought has never crossed your mind. Either way, Diesel may be a viable choice for your next car purchase! Gone are the days of the slow moving, black-soot spewing, noisy stinkers. But Diesel is still not such a household term here in the United States, only accounting for about 3% of all new passenger cars sold each year. But it’s time we Americans got hip to Diesel!

In Europe, they’re a lot more popular, accounting for 50% of total new passenger car sales. (3% in the States… 50% in Europe… That’s a big difference.) Plus If you think the cost of gasoline is outrageous here in the U.S. try filling your tank across the pond. A gallon of gas..or petrol can cost up to 4X as much as it does here, with Norway topping the list! Besides fuel costs, there are a great many benefits to choosing diesel over gasoline. Here are 5 of those benefits now.

Written, Directed and Produced by Ariel Levine
IG: @tui_e30