A website’s content goes into the market to return with customers. Here we have provide top 5 marketing tools to use for a wordpress website.

These top 5 marketing tools make that return:-

1. Google Analytics 

Google invented analytics for tracking and reporting traffic. This premium service is free offering a freemium. Words used to search are the key to unlocking a market’s true potential. Such words became keywords upon which WordPressw design is based on in a website’s construct.

You can integrate Google Analytics via an embedding code into your WordPress website, a sure way of knowing what, when and how a customer is behaving bringing the market to you.

 2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

From your screen you can understand your customers’ behavior through WordPress SEO. This tool helps you fine tune your website through technical optimization. Simply put, it helps you write better content.

Your website with WordPress SEO is an outsourced hand tracking those little things so that you can concentrate on what’s important: your customers. From meta tags to Breadcrumbs and permalink management, this is a one-stop shop for curating content.

 3. MailChimp

After optimizing your content, it’s time to tell the world, a big beautiful world of your customers either next door or miles apart. Its communications evoke reactions from your customers asking them to come back for more.

The first two tools are like an incoming call. MailChimp’s WordPress plugin is an outgoing call on an email platform reporting back through the same freemium. It bridges the gap between WordPress and a business owner.

 4. Socialmetrix

 A single response from a customer signals engagement with more of what you can do. Engaging customers on various social media platforms is a tested and proven method of keeping in touch with your customers.

As and when your business grows, so will your customer base. A WordPress website shouldn’t lose itself in a maze. This is where Socialmetrix helps. It will do what Google Analytics did for traffic, for social media reach.

 5. Zapier and Revive Old Post

A singularity in bringing customers to and engaging them is what the above four tools do. When your website grows exponentially Zapier does that primitive job of taking care of cross app traffic just like you did in those days.

Revive Old Post is a nostalgic exponent of reminding your long stood customers and you how old days have been. Now that your customers have grown reviving old posts keeps them closer to you.

Market is out there and these 5 marketing tools bring it onscreen to you. Your WordPress plugins and website design is a story of trying, experimenting, results and experiences moving on further and farther. It all starts with pressing the right words into the right places.


Source by aggarwalmanoj