Given the competitive status of present job scenario, excelling in interview holds immense importance. Here we bring top 10 interview techniques and rules that will help aspirants in pulling their wits together and make an impressive foray in their career –

1. Research, Research and simply Research – Getting to know your prospective employer is must to have an edge over other interviewees. Get to know in detail about various facets of the company will keep you well-informed and better informed. This would also help you in assessing if the company’s culture, mission and vision are in sync with your expectations are not.

2. Crisp Appearance – Your appearance and persona in the interview should be crisp enough to make you stand apart from rest of the candidates. Select your dress with utmost care. It should be formal and well ironed. Wear such a formal dress that would add oodles to your personality.

3. Preparation – Preparation should be prim and prop before you reach the interview venue. Make sure your resume, credentials, certificates, project files etc are well in place.

4. Reaching on Time – Arriving late for the interview is a strict no-no. Rather, start a little early so that you can reach well in time. As said, it is better to be ahead of time rather than getting late.

5. Be Upbeat – Your body language and stance should be upbeat and full of confidence. Your voice and deportment should be distinctly confident, even if you are feeling jittery.

6. Be all Ears – Be an intent listener and do not rush to give answers. Answering back rapidly may result in misunderstanding of question and consequently in supplying wrong answers. Also, be an intelligent listener who is able to understand the implications of the interviewer.

7. Be Specific and Precise – Give precise and specific in answering. Some aspirants tend to commit mistake of going overboard while answering. Avoid this. Being specific would also help you in saying a lot in fewer words. For this you would have to practice being a good and effective conversational.

8. Extend Queries – You can ask questions to the interviewer as it would estimate your interest in the job opening.

9. Following Up – Following up would be of help to aspirant so that he or she gets a clearer picture. Interviewer will also get the implication that you are genuinely interested in being a part of their company.

10. Stay Positive – Staying positive for your interview result would keep you in positive spirits and encourage you to look forward.

Source by Nisha Thakur