NEW YORK: A US-based
has launched a smart laptop shell that turns your
Android smartphone
into a complete laptop — making it more convenient and affordable for people in developing countries like India and South Africa to carry their office in their pocket, literally.

The shell, called Superbook by Andromium, makes an
Android smartphone
output look very much like a desktop environment. It is essentially a “dumb terminal”– a notebook without a processor but with a keyboard, battery, trackpad and display, TreeHugger reported on Saturday.

Andromium launched this ambitious product on Kickstarter — a website “designed to bring creative projects to life” — and is available at $99. Developed by Andrew Jiang and his team at Andromium, the Superbook provides a large screen, keyboard and multi-touch trackpad, more than eight hours of battery and phone-charging capabilities.

When plugged into
Android smartphone
, it launches an app to deliver the full laptop experience. According to Andrew, the app is essentially Android Continuum that lets you work seamlessly — going from phone to notebook.

“With the Superbook, you can do everything you can do on a laptop – and more. With
-class browsing, access to office applications, games, and even programming, the opportunities are limitless,” Andromium said in its project description on Kickstarter.