Building a prosperous relationship will need the help of others who have been through the issues before. Where men have their share of bad habits they put us through, it’s only honest to mention that we aren’t perfect. Here are some naïve things women do that irritate the guys they’re with.


Being behind schedule/indecision

Common when asking guys about their pet peeves in a relationship, is that their partner always makes them late. What happens often is that their partner changes outfits a few times. To top it off, she will ask her partner’s point of view about their clothes, only to dismiss whatever support they had to offer.


Sloppy communication

Making decisions about him from what someone else said, or something he did that could have been misinterpreted can often harm a relationship. These are issues that can be taxing on a relationship and should be avoided. Men aren’t going to enjoy anything less than direct communication.

If you have a question, go to him directly. Don’t form an opinion from what you feel, what someone said, or something he did without speaking directly with him.


Spending too much time with him

It can get to a place where couples spend so much time mutually that they become insensitive that one may be getting sick of spending so much time with the other. Freedom should be given to each person so they can spend time to themselves. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. When done, it can allow them to spend time with other friends they love, concentrate on other areas in life, and permit them come back to the relationship feeling refreshed.


Subtle remarks about their friends

When it comes to what he does with them, mocking what he does with his friends is something he’s not going to welcome. He may take your comments to heart, and may in reality be hurt by the subtle remarks made about his friends and the activities they do together. Over time little mocking can become nagging in his view, which is a vast restraint on the relationship.


Being too demanding

The minor rules in dating such as the 1 month anniversary or the three month anniversary can sometimes do harm to a relationship. As not everyone may understand them, or put as much value on them. Not only that, but with all these other anticipated presents and anniversaries, they can just become bothersome and lose meaning overtime.


Judging his love

She can sometimes think to herself that he only loves me if he remembers a precise thing, or does something in particular. Such as recollecting a certain date or remembering what she wore a certain date. This can be an unfair way to value how good of a boyfriend he is as he doesn’t know he’s being evaluated on this particular aspect in the relationship.


Insecure about his love for you

It can often come up in a social setting where a woman may wonder if another woman in the room is more attractive than what her guy finds her. These insecurities are issues that need to be beat. What should be done is not to overthink it; after all he wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t adore you right?


Expecting him to be telepathic

Both men and women are poles apart. This means that paying attention and communicating are going to play vital roles in their relationship. What’s common in all relationships is where women want guys to know how they believe without telling them. Expecting guys to be as understanding as your girlfriends isn’t going to help your relationship.

This also means telling him that you’re fine over an issue when you’re not.


Comparing your relationship to others

There are other relationships that may be different than yours, where they do different activities or bond in different ways. Comparing your relationship to them can be taxing on him, as he may not like or have the means to live up to those comparisons. Your relationship should be enjoyed for its own individuality and not overshadowed by another relationship. Often it is compared to past relationships which may be harmful to your current ones.


Making him like your friends

Sometimes people just don’t get along. So when your man and your friends don’t, don’t try and pressure them to. After all, he’s not dating them. This can be done by setting up get-together’s where the three of you spend time as one or other ways, you know what I’m talking about.


Another plan

Women can be smart, particularly when it comes to making others do what they want. To provide an example; getting him to go to the theatre by discreetly selecting a restaurant on the same street. Men may not voice it, but they know when you have a secret intention.


Men don’t like minor talk or the details

When it comes to what women are concerned in and what they speak about, they will point out everything including all the little details. Men are the opposite, they don’t want to be bothered about the little particulars, and in fact they hate the small details. Expecting him to be as fascinated in the small details as your girlfriends and you are can be just as unreasonable as him expecting you to be interested in football.


All relationships take time and practice with the same man to make into an enduring and beautiful one. Using these helpful tips, along with persistence and readiness to change, any relationship can be made better.


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