One of the natural remedies for coronary heart failure is good nutrition. Going on a heart disease diet is vital for your family’s heart health. A healthy lifestyle and diet are your best weapons to combat any cardiovascular disease. The sad part is, there are many myths and mixed messages out there about healthy eating for heart wellness. Hence, it is not surprising that many people are baffled about the various kinds of fats. I’m sure that you have many questions about dairy, meat and sodium!

With all the varying opinions, it’s wise to get informed and educate yourself from credible and reputable sources in order for you to make smart choices in natural remedies for coronary heart failure such as food and diet for long term benefits to your health and heart. It all boils down to the overall pattern of the choices that you make – that’s what counts most.

Why is a heart disease diet so important?

You may be consuming lots of food everyday, but your system may not be getting all the essential nutrients it needs to become healthy. Foods that are packed with nutrients have minerals, vitamins, fiber, as well as other nutrients but are lower in calories and fat. To get the most out of the food that you eat, you have to make smart choices like whole grain products, fruits, low-fat and fat-free dairy products and vegetables more often. I strongly urge you to add a wide array of nutritious foods everyday from each of the basic food groups.

Here are some helpful tips on what to include in your heart-healthy diet to prevent coronary artery disease:

1. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with minerals, vitamins and fiber. As I have mentioned, you’ll get a nice bonus out of eating healthy as these foods are low in fat and calories too! Consuming a wide array of vegetables and fruits will help in your aim to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and in regulating your blood pressure.

2. Choose whole grain foods that are unrefined and packed with fiber. These foods can help decrease your blood cholesterol levels and what’s more, it will help you feel full. Again, this is an added bonus as it will help keep your weight at healthy levels.

3. Add fish to your menu at least twice a week. Recent research has proven that consuming fish that has omega 3 fatty acids will help minimize the death risk for coronary heart disease.

A heart disease diet is your first step in your journey to better heart health. Not to mention that it will give you long term benefits!

Source by Puneet Aggarwal