In Part I I describe how from the moment they enter medical school, our future doctors are systematically ‘educated’ by the pharmaceutical industry in coercive and often unethical ways.  In Part II I will discuss how after medical school this pattern of ‘uni-polar’ information with no objective watchdog takes the corruption of the medical profession even further.  Without a doubt, doctors today have become little more than highly paid drug salesmen for the major pharmaceutical industry.

Once a medical student has finished his externship and enters private practice the real ‘brainwashing’ begins by the pharmaceutical companies.  To begin with, they quickly learn as young doctors that they must attend several conventions each year in order to take continuing education classes necessary to keep their license in good standing.  These conventions are sponsored and paid for in large part by pharmaceutical companies. 

Often the travel and hotel and food expenses are all paid for by the pharmaceutical companies.  Once the doctors are there the companies have a captive audience to systematically ‘educate’ about their new drugs and how they are the latest and greatest things to hit the medical establishment.  Staff ‘doctors’ on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies lecture on the benefits of the drugs and no word is ever mentioned about non-drug treatment options.  All around the hotel colorful signs promoting the new drugs are hung.  Toys, gifts, knick knacks, pens, calendars, calculators…you name it and the pharma companies give them out. 

Lavish buffets and meals are provided to the doctors as they are presented with the latest and greatest treatments for numerous ailments running the gamut from minor to the life threatening.  All the while, not a word is mentioned anywhere about alternative or non-drug treatments for any of the conditions.  Is it no wonder most doctors don’t mention to their patients that often times the best approach is just to eat healthy, exercise or some other ‘common sense’ treatment?  But wait, it doesn’t end at the convention. 

Once back at the office, an army of attractive pharmaceutical reps descend on doctor’s offices in a coordinated attack to further convince the doctors to prescribe their drugs to the patients.  The first ones are always free.  Huge boxes of samples are given, but once on the drugs many people can’t get off because of the addictive or bad withdrawal symptoms of the drugs.  The pharmaceutical reps come bearing free lunches and lavish food trays.  They are trained to memorize ‘scripts’ that can answer any and all possible questions that the doctors might have about the drugs that are being ‘pushed’. 

Of course none of these pharmaceutical reps have any medical training.  Many were cosmetologists, waitresses and secretaries only weeks or months before their intensive ‘training’ to become pharmaceutical reps.  Meanwhile, the doctors eat it up.  They know that if they give out the drugs then the free meals will continue to come and the free trips and conventions to exotic resorts in the Bahamas, Las Vegas or the Poconos will continue. 

Most doctors are hopelessly naïve how all this pandering by the drug companies influences their ability to practice medicine impartially.  The result are patients being all too often told that the treatment for whatever ails them is to take a pill to treat the symptom and they are not being taught to fix the source of the problem which quite often will not end up giving $$$ to the drug companies.  That’s no accident.  That’s by design.  The result of our Doctors being brainwashed.  To see more great information and to catch Part I of this article visit

Source by Robert Levin