NGS analysis helps us to identify human genome variations of functional significance by mapping next generation sequence data to known elements such as mutations and regulatory sites. It is mainly used for serial analysis of gene expression. Though crucial to Biology and genetics, most people don’t understand NGS analysis at all when they encounter anything to do with pathway analysis or analysis of gene expression, more with pathway analysis than is more evident. So here’s a brief list of benefits that NGS analysis affords us, provided we find the right software and resources for research to begin with:

  1. NGS analysis is the latest in the technology used by genetic researchers to study the effects of gene expression; or rather it is best described as the analysis of gene expression. It is growing to be one of the most popular analytical methods where gene mutations and the production of new genes by the generation of new sequences are studied.
  2. It helps in generating more relevant data in relation to continuous developments made in gene experimentation, formation, effects and other such consequences. 
  3. NGS analysis and analysis of gene expression enable researchers to prioritize mutations from whole exome or genome sequencings, and uncover the impact of actual human variants on disease risks, gene regulation and protein function.
  4. The best companies that produce software and other resources for NGS analysis and analysis of gene expression offer products and services that make removing irrelevant mutations easier which further makes research easier by reducing the amount of mutations that need to be investigated.
  5. Novel mutations not previously found and reported in literature are identified, providing breakthroughs by which advancements in genetics and life sciences can be made.
  6. Gene regulation changes in variants can be understood by methods such as mapping the aforementioned novel mutations to known or predicted regulatory sites.
  7. Finding disease genes and drug targets linked to gene variations in harmony with pathway analysis can be done easily with advanced techniques.

Those were the benefits of NGS analysis. But the main thing researchers do before setting out to start working is they find the right software, expert curated biological databases along with all the other resources needed for the job. There are companies that offer specifically that, so that the work is made much easier for the researchers, making something of a larger team-work between them and the companies.

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Source by Biobase International