Many homeowners are on the verge of losing their home through foreclosures. Whether it is a second home or your primary home, you have options. For primary homes that are at risk, owners will have to consider moving into an apartment or with relatives or friends temporarily in order to take this approach. If you can imagine renting out your home and collecting enough money to help pay your monthly expenses, then becoming a short-term landlord may be for you. With this method, it is possible to generate cash flow faster than some long-term rentals. Most people are afraid to rent out their homes because they do not know where to begin. But, there is help for you. You will need a good system in place and a commitment in using it. Here are some guidelines:

1. Learn how to advertise your property inexpensively.

2. Create an interesting property listing that stands out even when the competition is great.

3. Screening your renters is probably the most important process. It will affect on whether or not you will have a successful rental business.

4. Find a housekeeper that is dependent, honest and loyal. The cost for this service should be factored into your rental fee.

5. If you are not handy with home repairs, ask your neighbors and friends for a referral to keep on hand. You never know when something could go wrong. Having a person on call is worth every cent.

Do not let the banks take your house. You really do have other options. Consider renting your home as a short term rental. If this option is of any interest to you please check out Marie Ferguson's book, "Breaking all the Rules: how to Rent Your Vacation Home http: Free Welcome Book included.

Source by Marie R. Ferguson