One option for having children is to adopt a child.  Adoption is a good option since there are many children that do need a home.  Many parts of the world have kids who are abandoned and have no parents to take care of them.  Adoption has so many advantages for you and the child.

The first is that the child will get a real and loving home.  In most cases these children would have otherwise grown up in the care of the state.  This mean orphanages or foster care.  Most will not get proper adult attention and never form bonds in that way.  If you adopt, the child has real parents and a real home making his or her life completely different than what it would have been.

The child will get a better life.  Not only does the home provide a better life but other things as well.  There will be educational opportunities and relationships that will be shared.  If coming from a third world environment, adoption will give the child more opportunities in life than he or she would have ever had.

Adoption is advantageous to couples who have issues having their own children.  Sometimes it’s hard to conceive a child for couples, and adoption gives that option for having children and a family.

There are also some environmental advantages.  While children are important and should not be looked at as an environmental issue under any circumstance, adoption puts a child into a home limiting the number of new births it would take to have parents connected with children.

For international adoption, many times you have the advantage in that the mother can’t back out of the agreement.  Most international adoptions are with orphaned children.  If you qualify for the adoption, you will get the child without having to worry about issues where the mother might want to keep the child at the last minute which at times has happened.

Source by Dave Barns