Continuing Education is an Option for Busy Professionals

Whether your goal is to change careers, update your existing skills or augment new skills to launch a new career path, continuing education has a course or program that will help you to reach your goals. This learning option often involves enrollment in post-secondary, credit-granting courses by part-time students, and is often offered

Truck Driver Training and Job Qualifications

Trucks are a major means of door-to-door delivery of goods from small boxes, bakery products to large motor vehicles. Other modes of transport used are the trains, ships and airplanes. However even these goods have some amount of transportation by trucks involved. The truck drivers would be working for long hours starting from

Online cpr certification: an add-on to your resume

CPR certification training is a study that teaches you the art of performing some very basic medical steps to ensure that the patient moving oxygenated blood throughout the body and can receive further medical treatments when professional rescuers arrive. Learning such a certification will not only ascertain that a safe environment prevails in

Student Assessment, Public School Law, Educational Laws and Policies, Dr. William Allan Kritsonis

William Allan Kritsonis, PhD Professor Public School Law & Educational Laws and Policies STUDENT ASSESSMENT INTRODUCTION Standardized testing in the state of Texas has undergone several makeovers.  Currently Texas public school students are administered the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skill) test, but in 1997 the state administered the TAAS (Texas Assessment

2012: What Will The Future Bring?

There have been plenty of ideas bandied about in recent times over what will occur in 2012. But how do we know which to trust? There's very little legitimate scientific evidence out there to tell us unequivocally what the truth is, so what do we really know? The most important thing to remember

The Importance of SAT and GMAT Test Preparation

There are many benefits to attending test preparation schools rather than trying to do all the studying on your own, whether you are preparing for the SAT, the GMAT or any other important test that will affect your acceptance into a professional or collegiate program.  Many high school juniors take SAT preparation courses

Volkswagen California

California history The "California" is not sold in (California) USA/NA although demand is high, the name "California' was previously used by Volkswagen for the Westfalia-built campervans since 1988. Westfalia was the Official Manufacturer of motorhomes for VW. When the Westfalia company was bought by DaimlerChrysler in 2001, VW decided to build and design

Sat-act Requirements

In researching admission requirements to a college or university an important task is to know each institution's ACT and/or SAT requirements. Admission requirements vary from school to school. Some put more emphasis on grade point average, extracurricular activities, or your essay and your ACT or SAT scores are optional. Others require your standardized

Instructions to Choose The Best Private Tutor For Your Child

For some guardians attempting to pick the right guide, it can be somewhat similar to picking an auto on the off chance that you've never determined one. You know you need one that is "great" yet it can be somewhat befuddling knowing how to judge what makes one great or not. In spite

Does the Obama Pell Grant For Moms Program Exist?

Yes, in fact. Obama has decided to increase the Pell grant to give more money to you. Not only this, but there are now private companies that are helping to give women money for school as well. The poor economy has caused the cost of living to be more expensive. Everyday essentials cost