Doing Business in Japan

Introduction Japan is often seen as a land of paradoxes where ancient tradition rubs shoulders with up-to-the-minute technology and internationally-acclaimed business practices; where you can see salary men enjoying traditional o-bon festival dances while kimono-clad teenagers talk on smoothly futuristic mobile phones. Japan is one of the most technologically advanced and vibrant business

Data Protection Laws of India

In the recent years India has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for offshore business outsourcing. Financial services, educational services, legal services, banking services, healthcare services, marketing services and telecommunication services . The factors that have turned India into one of the hotspots for offshore outsourcing are the educated and unemployed masses,

Education structure of schools in India

Since independence and even before that period the importance of education is very much evident in India. It can be said that many people used to throng abroad universities like Harvard and Cambridge and earn a niche for themselves instantly. Continuing the same roots, let's see the prime roots which used to and

Planning for effective HR -The Steps to Success

For an effective Human Resources Planning, the mangers should understand the context of HRM, both internal and external environments. HRP is the most important element for any organization to thrive towards success. The steps involved in Human Resource Planning process are as follows: 1) Assessing the current Human Resources: HRP process begins by

Disaster Proof Housing

The Disaster Resistant Small Building The traditional American single-family house is not designed to withstand disasters. Ideally a house should offer good protection from floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, civil unrest and financial difficulties. Most houses today are designed with substantial input from building contractors who have the primary goal of selling for the

Silver Spring Landscaping Is Always Going To Be ‘Green'

Valerie Wiest together with her teammates at Green Future Construction exercises the things they teach about the sustainability and therefore encourage their clients to create alterations in their lifestyles. Most of the Laurel, Md., landscaping design firm's customers doesn't have a very good knowledge of the easy options which are maintainable as well

Learn Hebrew

Are you into languages? Do you love the mysticism of the old texts and languages and unlock the magic in it? Well, the first thing for you to do would be to learn Hebrew. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages on earth. It is believed that the holy bible was originally written

GITM Recognized For Its Excellence In Education

An increasing number of engineers have a view on their long-term goals and career aspirations prepared to meet the challenges of ever-fluctuating changes in technology, as it is required worldwide. Many engineering colleges are providing engineering program to make the students meet the challenge by training the future leaders responsible and improve their

Most Promising Careers for 2010

We are now nearing the end of 2009 and what a year it was…double digit job losses, business closures, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and overall economic distress.  It came down to the survival of the most uniquely positioned.  Where will you end up at the end of this year?  If you aren’t uniquely positioned here

Getting Into College Without the Sat

We all know teenagers who don't test well.There are all sorts of legitimate reasons why some students, even bright ones, can't earn decent numbers on the dreaded SAT test. It used to be that parents and students could rail all they wanted against the test, but it wouldn't matter. Colleges and universities wanted