A staycation is when your family enjoys their vacation at home instead of traveling. You take day trips to avoid your daily routine and make it really special for the kids. One of the best ways to travel is by bicycle.

Reason 1 – Family time. It’s an activity the entire family can easily enjoy. Have everyone take part in the planning for your staycation of where you will cycle to during the week by suggesting ideas that the family discusses in advance.

Reason 2 – Low cost. Other than admission costs to museums or historic sites there is little cost. Take a picnic lunch on most days or as a special treat maybe a café or two on some days. If you do not own bicycles most cities have rental locations. If the children are really young you may need to use a trailer built for kids

Reason 3 – Ultimate green travel experience. By using bicycles there is no pollution.

You packed local foods with your picnic lunch and supported local businesses when you stopped at a café or attraction.

Reason 4 – Provides exercise for everyone. You do not need to create a long route, just far enough and at a pace to something of interest which could include a great view points. Most cities have plenty of bicycle paths to help you avoid traffic. Depending where you live you may need to drive a short distance to start your bicycle trip to avoid traffic.

Reason 5 – See local attractions you always planned to visit. Vary the itinerary to make it educational by visiting some historic sites, some parks, some entertainment places or scenic lookouts. Even a visit in the countryside passing farms can be enjoyable. If you have young children have them create pictures of what they have seen during the day when they arrive back home.

Reason 6 – Meet local people. Bicycle touring is very social and you are sure to meet many people along the bicycle paths and at your stops.

Discuss with your family and get them excited, get out a map and plan a safe and well paced route and enjoy your Staycation!

Source by Tom Oxby