Being influential is necessary in the business realm. It’s how you can persuade things to go your way. This isn’t a trait that every business owner has but needs at some point in their career. Having great talents to excel in business isn’t enough to take your company to the next level. The experts at Corporate Business Solutions Inc offer reviews to their clients, which consists of a full-company analysis and recommendations for improvement.

If you’re committed to honing your influence in your organization, then put the following tips to use.

Develop Your Critical Decision-Making Skills

Leaders have to know how to make decisions at critical moments in time. Choking will diminish your influence because it makes you appear to be indecisive, afraid or diffident. Not everyone is born with the trait to make decisions quickly and adequately, however, it’s something anyone can learn and master. You need to analyze your process of making critical decisions and determine your weak areas. You may recognize an unconscious bias you have for someone or something. It’s impossible to control the outcome of a decision, but you can shape the process of execution.

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Learn to Make Solid Arguments

You’re not a lawyer fighting before the Congress, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need to have the ability to stand your ground during disputes – no matter how small they may be. The best way to do this is to have all the facts needed to back up your argument. This skill is critical for when you’re in a high-stakes conversation, presentation, Q&A session or other discussion where you’re asked to explain your decision.

Master the Art of Storytelling

One of the best ways to influence others is to tell a great story. It’s a tool that’s been used for centuries by cultures across the world. An influencer is capable of telling stories for strategic purposes. It could be to motivate others, teach, minimize resistance and change minds. Don’t just throw out numbers and data – paint them into a cohesive and strategic narrative that makes it more memorable and accurately gets the message across.

Hone Your Speaking Skills

When you think of a person who’s highly influential, likely you envision someone who is an excellent speaker. Take for instance Steve Jobs, John F. Kennedy or Michelle Obama. You can have an influence in the background, but it adds punch to your strategy when you’re capable of speaking persuasively. This skill is in high demand, along with decision-making skills. Leaders are asked to speak at engagements hosted at schools, networking events and other places where influencing the audience is key.

Understand Current Events

It’s important to keep tabs on what’s going in your industry, as well as other areas of the world that directly or indirectly impact your business, such as taxes, elections, interest rates, markets, economic instability in a foreign country, budget deficits and unemployment. This will help with having an intellectual conversation. It’s not required of you to be an expert in these topics, but you should at least have a basic understanding.

Start Thinking Like a Leader

Some entrepreneurs level the playing field by treating their subordinates as equals. This is fine, but you have to know when to tap into your inner leader at any given moment, especially during times when a critical decision needs to be made or a motivational speech has to be given.

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