The job scenario in India has improved over the past few decades as the number of people employed in various sectors of industry has grown up ten fold. Over the years, the job industry in India too shared certain problems which acted as hindrances in some sectors. The global economic crisis led to its impact on jobs in India, yet job opportunities in the country has risen to a great extent.

Different factors can be contributed to this stupendous achievement but some of the major causes of generating employment opportunities in the country is its large pool of skilled manpower and also substantial number of well versed English speaking youth. Other important factors that contributed to its success are the varied outsourcing facilities which have been opened in different metro cities of India. The knowledge process outsourcing has widely reversed brain drain in India as the number of job seekers are now preferring to work within the country.

Facts indicate that Indian companies are running and designing special software programs for Erikson and Nokia phones and monitoring water and wastewater facilities of the Thames Water Utilities Ltd. New Mexico, Nebraska and Mississippi as these organizations have outsourced their taxation payment processes to Indian companies. Such outsourcing facilities has helped in generating more jobs for Indians in the country. Keeping in mind the rising of the demand of Indian job opportunities Government of India has created special economic zones in different parts of the country. Also Indian companies like Tata Consultancy Services has opened 155 offices outside India alongside Wipro which has 46 overseas offices.

Prospect of Jobs in India

Though the coming years promises to offer new employment opportunities to the educated youth yet certain economic conditions like high inflation has deterred the recruitment process in varied professional service jobs as the big corporate organizations are making cautious move while recruiting professionals. The job scenario of software jobs in Bangalore is constantly on the rising scale. For any IT professional, software jobs in Bangalore offers a wide range of career opportunities as the city houses major software companies of the world. The recent boom of software industry has made Bangalore the biggest software destination of the world.

Many multinational companies have invested in Bangalore offering lot of career development opportunities to the job seekers. Its reported that software jobs in Bangalore pay almost double or even triple the salary when compared to other cities of the world. Other cities like Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata too are following the job trends set the software companies of Bangalore.

Emerging Careers in India

The recruitment agencies in India are recruiting people in different fields of work, these jobs are quite different from the usual merchandiser jobs, management jobs that one gets to see now a days. Young people with requisite qualification from good institutes with at least a year of experience are in great demand in these job vacancies.

These jobs in India have been created from new fields of work and are in demand these days. Some of them are in the field of Biotechnology, Food Processing Industry, Meteorology, Chartered Financial Analysts, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Packaging Technology, Oceanography and Travel and Tourism.

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