It goes without question that the best way to plan for a job interview is to get knowledgeable about the different styles of typical Interview questions that are commonly asked in interviews worldwide.

You mean I can simply learn and prepare for these questions ahead of time?
Yes, and here’s why. Generally, global companies share the same interview technique ideas all around the world. If it works in one country, it usually works in others. These questions then filter their way down to smaller companies as HR people leave the big companies and go to work for other companies. This is perfect for us. Over time, this has made a predictable pool of questions. Even though the question is probably not worded the same all of the time, the objective behind the question is exactly the same.

Listed here are the top 4 typical interview questions you’ll probably come across in an interview. I have provided a quick question analysis and some answering tips.

1. So, tell me a bit about yourself?
While it’s tempting, this is not an invitation to tell your life story. The interviewer is trying to understand your personality and if you can solve their problems. It’ best not to answer with what school you went to.

Answering Tips:

  • Don’t make up the information you talk about. It’s so easy to check out peoples claims. 
  • Rehearse your answer with friends and family. 
  • Keep your answer brief.
  • Make an effort to give as much information in as possible in the short time possible. 
  • Eliminate irrelevant and unnecessary information like how you spent your years as a child.

2. Describe your biggest strengths?
The most effective way to get ready for this question is to review the job description carefully. Now, if you can , make everything in the job description your strength. If there is something required for the job you are very weak at, question if the job is right for you. it’s better to be honest now, than get found out later.

Answering Tips:

  • Create a listing of your strong points in order to learn and apply them.
  • You should carefully review the recruitment requirements so you can line up your strengths with the requirements.
  • Provide evidence for your skills through the use of references or records.
  • Consider communication skills, ability to adapt to change and the ability to solve problems.

3. Why did you leave your last job?
This question is about transforming a negative into a positive. If you were let go due to company downsizing be truthful, it’s completely understandable. The answer to this question you must always be positive. You wont win any friends by answering “I left because I hated my job”!

Answering Tips:

  • Tell the truth but in a positive way. If you were let go be honest, and say that you really enjoyed what you did and love to continue with a new sense of purpose.
  • You have to be carefully when saying you weren’t being challenged. Why? because most managers would not like a member of staff who’s always looking for work. Make it constructive, mention your self motivated.

4. What are your career goals?
Again research is the key, simply line up the goals of company and the job with your answer. Be sure that every goal includes a tangible benefit to the hiring company.

Answering Tips:

  • To obtain a professional certificationYou want to be a specialist in your area (benefits the company)
  • Make sure all goals are suitable to the job you are currently applying for.

Researching and knowing the answers to possible interview questions prior to the interview is going to give you a massive boost of confidence. You will not only feel more powerful you’ll be more at ease and less anxious.

Source by Justin