Repair Macbook Pro – When your screen goes dark, or a crack puts your MacBook Pro out of business, we know what a headache it can be getting a quick repair completed by a source you can trust. Like you, thoughts of being without our Macs for an extended time period is downright scary. The good news is that we only need your Mac for 24-hours (Monday – Friday) to install a brand new LCD screen and with our nationwide overnight courier service, you’ll have your Mac back before you know it. In addition to the fast turnaround time, we provide you with our exclusive 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

If you select the Overnight Pickup Option below, once you schedule your repair, we will dispatch a RestoreBox to your location in the continental U.S. via overnight courier (home, office, school, you name it) to pickup your iPod for a return overnight trip back to TechRestore. We will receive your iPod the following day (M-F), install your new iPod screen within 24-hours and then send your iPod back to you overnight!

If you don’t need the door-to-door pickup service or you are one of our International customers, select the Self Ship Option below, package your iPod up and send it our way. Once received, we’ll get your new screen installed and send your iPod back to you via overnight courier. For the Self Ship Option, please print your Shipping Label here.

oncord, CA, USA 6/22/2009 11:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

TechRestore is now offering the only “Factory-Fit” flat-rate overnight Glass screen replacement service for aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro 15″ systems that have a cracked LCD screen glass cover.

The new service is available immediately with repairs arriving daily to the TechRestore secure repair facility in Concord, California. The flat-rate overnight LCD screen replacement service for aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro 15″ systems is performed by TechRestore certified technicians that have made it their mission to provide the fastest Mac service & repair turnaround time with unmatched customer service to all Mac owners throughout the United States.

Once a Unibody MacBook Pro arrives to TechRestore, a repair professional inspects the system and alerts the customer to the fact that their MacBook Pro has arrived safely to our repair center. The LCD screen glass cover is then replaced within 24-hours of receipt, using a proprietary removal and bonding process to insure a true Factory-Fit screen replacement that is not possible at other repair centers. The flat-rate price of $299 includes a brand new LCD screen glass cover, professional installation, a 1-year warranty and free shipping!

TechRestore technicians are uniquely qualified to perform LCD screen replacements on the MacBook and MacBook Pro Unibody systems due to their engineering knowledge that was developed for the TechRestore Matte Finish Screen replacement service for all Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro systems. This exclusive service was awarded a MacWorld Expo 2009 Best of Show award and has been reviewed and featured in publications throughout the world.

TechRestore offers an award-winning combination that brings Aluminum MacBook owners the best solution for their LCD screen glass cover repair:

Overnight turnaround timeFree shippingExclusive Factory-Fit Installation processAward Winning Service

TechRestore offers free shipping on all approved repairs and we perform overnight service on MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook and iBook computers. In addition, our consumer electronics division performs overnight repair on iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Nano, iPhone, Sony PSP and other gaming systems. Our network of over 2000 local pickup locations offers convenient pick up of your product in your neighborhood. TechRestore is certified by and follows the strict guidelines of the Bureau of Electronics Repair and all TechRestore certified technicians are professionally trained and many carry advanced electronics degrees.

Created out of a passion for the products we sell and service, TechRestore brings together an unmatched repair and product expertise team to provide repairs, upgrades & recoveries for mobile devices such as Mac & PC Laptops, iPods, iPhones and PSPs. With more than 20-years of experience providing award-winning solutions for our customers, we’ve still kept our sense of wonder about how fortunate we are to work with these fantastic products and people each day. TechRestore customers can rest assured that while their products may fail them, TechRestore never will.

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