The images on the Tarot and the interest in predicting events through symbols, dates back to Ancient Egypt, and even older civilizations, right across the world. Tarot may have travelled to Europe from the Middle East at the times of the Crusades, in the 12th century. The earliest surviving cards are Italian from the 15th century. 

The Tarot cards have much to tell you. To find out how they work, shuffle a pack of tarot cards Now divide that pack into three piles, and arrange them in a row. Take the top tarot card from the centre pile. This is your guide card. Look at it for a moment and then put it where, from time to time you can glance at it as you follow this outline as to how they work. 

The 78 Cards in the pack 

The Major Arcana

The first 22 cards – each with its own name and numbered 0 to 21 – are called the Major Arcana. The word ‘Arcana’ means secrets, mysterious knowledge. The secrets are held in the images drawn on the tarot cards. Although each one has a traditional interpretation, these images also stimulate the intuitive, creative sector or your mind when undertaking a psychic reading.

If the guide tarot card you have chosen is the Major Arcana card, then its initial meaning is that your life is going to be changed by outside events, major challenges, big opportunities. 

The Minor Arcana

The next 56 tarot cards are called the Minor Arcana. This does not mean that they are less important; but they do work in a different way. The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits. Each suit has four court cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King. If you have drawn one of these tarot cards, then the person you know, or will soon meet, who most resembles the figure on your card, hold the key to your present and your future. 

Each suit also has ten cards, numbered one (or ace) to ten. If you have drawn one of these cards, then you are the prime mover, the one who can really influence events. 

Can Tarot predict the future? 

Many psychic believe that time is just another dimension. So the future is already there waiting to be tapped into and this can happen during a psychic reading by using tarot cards to access the unknown.

But the tarot does not dictate the future. Instead, it is an adviser, showing you how your past, present, and future all work together.


Source by Linda Preston