Making a decision to become a pilot is only one of the many decisions that will be required for this type of endeavor. It may take awhile for you to realize that there are many types of pilots licenses that you would be able to get. This is something that you are going to have to think about and plan for. Planning in respect to money and time.

First thing you need to check out is what are the rules for the area that you live in, where are you going to be licensed? There are lots of criteria that you are going to have to meet in order to be successful in getting your license. You are going to have to build up a total of 45 hours of flying time this is your experience section. You have a time limit as to accomplishing this, which is within a 90 day period. During this time, you must have 3 landings that are perfect with no errors. Once you have reached this stage of your course then having completed it successfully means that you can now take a passenger with you.

Hopefully, you have checked out the training schools in your area and have picked out a reputable one. Every school has their own program that they follow. However, every pilot training school must follow the government regulations.

When you are reviewing the government regulations the first thing you have to qualify for is to be at least 17 or older. You will have a test that you must do, which is to determine your education by knowledge. If you are not good with the English language you will not be able to participate in the course. You are going to have to pass both written and oral exams as well as doing a certain amount of practical work. Another very important part of your qualifying will be that you are medically fit. As you progress in your course you have to accomplish successfully 20 hours of flying on your own in total you will need 40 hours of flight training.

We have stated that there are different types of pilots licenses that you will be able to get many of the pilots schools will offer a variety of these types of course, for example you may want to go into an advanced flight pilot training program. Then there is a balloon pilot training and in edition euro copter training. These are just a few of what's available to you.

For all the individual type pilots licenses you will need to check out the various training facilities. There are some good ones, for example found at Orlando, which includes the Florida airlines. You too also want to find a school that offers job placement. If you are going to become a helicopter pilot then you want to find a detailed training program also make sure that you find a training institution that has good equipment and facilities. If you are going to become a balloon pilot then you are going to have to do 20 hours of instruction on the ground and 8 hours of flying.

For a eurocopter pilot program, it is quite detailed you will have to reach at least a pass of 75% and this is not an open book test.

As you can see each category has its own requirements.

Source by Bruce Hogan