It might not be as known as the close by metropolitan areas of Granada, Seville and Cordoba yet it is not any less fascinating. To the contrary, Malaga is among the trendiest holiday locations among European vacationers who definitely are generally interested in by Malaga historic places of interest.

Malaga satisfies practically all the expectations of an perfect travel location. It has gorgeous shorelines and great weather factors but the city that is situated about 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of the Strait of Gibraltar is better recognized for its rich past going back to the 8th century BC. Malaga is considered to be established by Phoenicians from Tyre, while its name is quite much like Phoenician term for salt – malaka. Just like the remaining of the Iberian Peninsula, Malaga inevitably has become a part of the Roman Empire. Following the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, the city was temporarily within the Byzantine control before it experienced the appearance of the Visigoths. However, Visigothic rule in the city was short-lasting too. In the course of the early 8th century, practically the whole Iberian Peninsula was seized by the Moors who reigned over Malaga until 1487 whenit became conquered by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile.

Many Moorish houses in Malaga were eliminated right after the Christian reconquest of the city but travellers of Malaga are nevertheless amazed by the Islamic architectural influences together with remains of the Roman as well as Phoenician time period. By far the most frequented sights in Malaga include very well conserved Roman theatre designed throughout the rule of Roman Emperor Augustus (27BC-14 AD), Alcazaba – a Moorish fort dating from the 11th century, the Cathedral of Malaga constructed between 16th and 18th century over a original mosque, the Castle of Gibralfaro – a citadel from the 14th century that dates back to Phoenician period of time and over 20 museums and galleries the most prestigious of which is the Picasso Museum dedicated to one of the very best painters of all times who was born in Malaga. Close by the Picasso Museum is also the painters birthplace. Tourists who are enthusiastic about cultural Malaga places of interest are highly suggested to plan their journey to Malaga in the time of one of two most significant events – the Holy Week of Malaga beginning on Palm Sunday and the August Malaga Fair.

The city of Malaga without a doubt delivers something for just about everyone. It is almost always a good occasion to pay a visit to the city merely because its weather is known by mild winter months and burning hot but dry summer seasons, and about 325 bright days annually. Having said that, it is worth to bear in mind that gorgeous beaches can be located in a short travel time from Malaga which is why many guests tend to be in the city for couple of days in order to have sufficient time to take a look at the top Malaga points of interest, and take joy in the sun and sea on Costa del Sol.

Source by Igor Vragovic