Tired of the same old grind at work? Feeling like your employees are getting a little uninspired? Want to generate dedication, loyalty, teamwork and productivity among your teams and employees for years to come? Seeking to engage and impress your clientele with off-site hospitality?

If you’re looking for a way to really spice up your office, consider organising a teambuilding trip for your employees or hosting hospitality and events for your customers and clients in Thailand and beyond. Adventure and fun activity-oriented trips and team challenges focus on group endeavours that cultivate motivation and teamwork among the group members, and can be anything from an adventurous outdoor trek to a series of tabled activities or a lavish evening of entertainments.

What Types of Teambuilding?
Classroom Origami or Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Challenges!

The scope and flavour of teambuilding challenges and events are limited only by imagination and good planners create and adapt themes to fulfil your specific objectives and requirements.

Adventure sports and activities are a popular choice because they are so effective at generating teamwork and motivation among participants.  Rafting, a ropes challenge, fast-paced cooking challenges; they all extract your employees from their normal environment and comfort zones and force them to re-evaluate the way in which they communicate and work together.

If you or your team aren’t interested in anything too intense, you can organise a series of activities based around table challenges and indoor games, which work much the same way in teaching your group to communicate. During their off hours, they will have the chance to get out and explore a new culture in an exotic Asian country where all of their daily norms will be tested.

Why an off-site teambuilding trip?
There are a number of reasons you might want to consider investing in this type of trip for your team. A corporate teambuilding trip is the ultimate way to inspire and motivate your employees in their work and to get them away from the confines of their desks, phones and appointments.

Going above and beyond typical company fun days, corporate teambuilding trips are designed to teach your team the types of leadership skills and appreciation for diversity that can only be learned beyond the confines of the office.

That a happy workforce is a productive workforce is widely accepted and ZiZ Inspire provides the means to organise end-to-end business travel solutions for off-site teambuilding events that focus on teamwork, motivation and fun!

Why Southeast Asia for Teambuilding Events?
Most of the time, it’s not enough to simply take your employees to the local park for a picnic or on an outing to see a sports fixture. These are things the people in your office do normally, in their spare time and with their families.

To really shake things up in your office and give your employees a chance to grow, you’ve got to get away. Southeast Asia lends itself to teambuilding and activities with a climate that makes Southeast Asia destinations accessible year-round and a highly developed infrastructure to support Hospitality in all its many guises.

From Thailand to Vietnam and beyond, you can plonk your teams in any number of exotic destinations and engage them in a wide variety of activities and challenges; city-based challenges, adventure treks and orienteering, military-style operations such as island assaults in the Andaman Sea and other reality show themed activities and team challenges. 

Alternatively opt for one of the many corporate event facilities in the modern metropolis of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket for example for an a city based hospitality trip with meetings, private dining and city-based challenges that jettison your team deep into unfamiliar surroundings to test their Sales, Negotiation, Procurement and Creativity skills.

What about hospitality?
Hospitality events should benefit your company and your clients. Hosting hospitality events is an incredibly effective way for corporations to attract new customers and reward and nurture loyalty among their existing customers.  ZiZ Inspire is a catalyst for planning hospitality events in Thailand and Indochina working in unison with you and its extensive list of partners to fulfil your event objectives and deliver maximum impact to your company’s bottom line.

What hospitality and entertainment to extend to your clients can be quite bewildering with the choices that are available and this is where ZiZ Inspire really excels.  Offering a portfolio of themed evening entertainment, spectator and participatory events, the process begins with profiling your guest list against the objectives that you have identified for the occasion.  Whether you choose evening entertainment (themed dinners and events etc), spectator events (sporting fixtures etc) or participatory events (company sailing regattas, polo lessons and driving experience days for example) is highly dependent on your objectives.

Thailand is a fantastic place to host a hospitality event for several reasons. First, it is one of the most friendly and accessible of all of the Asian countries with guaranteed hospitality from the moment you land. Secondly, Thailand is a cheaper country in which to host this type of event, meaning you can offer more to your clients for less. Third, Thailand’s infrastructure is excellent and the country offers a vast range of options for entertaining, from sporting events (like golf tournaments, horse racing and sailing) to cultural activities (such as visiting an ancient temple or enjoying a day at a Thai spa) to recreation (like driving a Formula 1 race car, golf or taking a dinner cruise).

And corporate retreats?
The traditional notion of corporate retreats generally involves a group of executives being dragged away for a weekend of “brainstorming”, smarting under their breath in the knowledge that the purpose of the exercise is really about the boss’s ego.

Corporate Retreats can be used for off-site meetings but are equally good to reward your crew with a few days of well deserved R&R.  Whether you are planning a corporate retreat for off-site meetings and require assistance with facilitation and ironing-out the objectives or are looking for a venue for R&R, hidden within the travel destinations covered by ZiZ Inspire are venues for all occasions and purposes.

Disappear up to the coolness of the mountains or take over a rural retreat on the banks of the Mekong, such as Agalin, for the weekend.  With its plethora of white sand beaches and perfectly warm seawater, Thailand is the paradise of all paradises. Imagine escaping to a self contained, airy beachside luxury villa that is bristling with all the high technology that you require and is packages with catered meals, activities and entertainment.  Fancy hosting a company beach barbeque at your tropical island beachside luxury villa?

That is what a corporate retreat is all about, and ZiZ Inspire can set up this type of elegant getaway to suit your needs in one of the many lavish villas and resorts that are tucked-away within its Asia travel destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and more.  Burn the candle at both ends with city breaks that feature Bangkok nightlife and Pattaya nightlife.  

Opt for Phuket for excellent business travel infrastructure, a playground of recreation and evening entertainment with restaurants and, of course, Patong Nightlife!  Likewise, if you mean to take ‘retreat’ literally and just get away from it all, ZiZ Inspire will set you and your group up on a secluded island.

Why choose ZiZ Inspire?
ZiZ Inspire is a Bangkok travel agency that specialises in arranging inbound business travel, corporate events, whether they be teambuilding activities for a group of employees or classy hospitality events.  The ZiZ Inspire team is an east-meets-west group of experts that includes westerners who know what you want in a business trip and locals who know how to put things together on the ground in Thailand.

ZiZ Inspire doesn’t offer a boring list of trip plans that you’ve seen on every other travel website; rather, together with you, they design customised trip plans, events and hospitality based on your needs, wants and requirements. Every itinerary that ZiZ Inspire puts together is custom-built just for you and addresses the needs of your employees or clients.  Developed with inspiration, creativity and great value in mind, you never pay for something that just won’t work for you.

What does ZiZ Inspire offer?
ZiZ Inspire has an over-sized list of contacts, venues, activities and caterers, emanating outwards from its base in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok.  Like culinary ingredients, ZiZ Asia blends these resources to create your perfectly styled events of all themes, shapes and sizes.

ZiZ Asia also provides a portfolio of special travel services including Airport Fast-track, Meet and Greet and airport transfers utilising a wide variety of transport; standard private sedans to private helicopter transfers from the airport to your hotel. No matter how extravagant your request may be, ZiZ Inspire can accommodate you in making your corporate event in Thailand or any of its other Asia Travel Destinations, perfect.

Source by Adrian Gwyn-Evans