When you suffer from arthritis, you just want the pain gone. Unfortunately, the treatments prescribed by your doctor to do that, can come with a heavy price.

Your doctor goes by the medical training he or she receives. In the case of arthritis, little of that training includes natural treatments. For instance, you may never be advised that you can get the relief you need, through options other than taking deadly NSAID medications, cortisone injections, or painful surgery. Always listen to what your doctor tells you, but don’t hesitate to thoroughly discuss other options.

You’ve undoubtedly seen many TV commercials touting the benefits of NSAID type drugs. The problem is, that these medications have severe side effects and do absolutely nothing to correct your condition, other than giving some help with the pain. They treat the symptoms only- not the cause. So while you may experience some pain relief, your actual condition continues to worsen.

Some of the horrible side effects of NSAIDs are: Internal bleeding, kidney and liver failure, increased risk of fatal stroke or heart attack, perforation of the stomach or intestines and raising blood pressure. The more common ones include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headache and drowsiness. And, seniors are more at risk. Not a very pretty picture is it?

What about some other choices? Exercise, diet changes, excess weight loss, natural supplementation? Not quite as easy as popping the NSAIDs, but a whole lot safer and with the opportunity to actually correct the problem instead of only covering it up.

Exercise? No, you don’t have to go overboard on it. Mild exercise of stiff and swollen joints can do wonders. It can help increase your range of motion as well as providing general health benefits. Remember, some exercises may be off limits for your condition, so you will have to check with your doctor, or health care provider before starting any exercise program.

Are you carrying around some extra weight? If so, you’re just putting more strain upon those painful joints. Losing just a few pounds can provide extra relief. A modest exercise and diet program can make a huge difference in the way you feel and can improve your mobility as well.

As far as diet goes, you have a lot of healthy choices. Mom was right- “eat your vegetables” is good advice. Most of us fall far short of eating a healthy diet, but why not make small gradual improvements instead of changing it all at once? That way, you will be more apt to maintain good eating habits on a long-term basis.

Also, check out a good natural arthritis remedy that can give you guaranteed joint pain relief and can begin cartilage regrowth as well. A proven natural supplement can stop arthritic joint pain without the nasty side effects of NSAID drugs.

Remember, there are arthritis pain alternatives available to you that can give you back the pain free life you want. Why wait any longer?

Source by Donald J. Johnson