MTV was the network that practically invented spring break as we know it today. Sure, young college co-eds and even high schoolers have long gone away for one magical week vacation each spring as a release from the pressures of school. These have typically always been crazy drunken parties where people do silly things and funny stories are created by watching friends.  But MTV took the spring break festivities to another level.

     The “Girls Gone Wild” phenomenon was basically born in spring break moments and continues to profit from the wild weeks of March and April.  But MTV created the numerous reality shows and coverage that now occurs. With daily competitions ranging from bikini mud wrestling to finding a hook-up, the lust, hormones, flesh and intoxication has been glamorized, sexed up, exploited and repackaged on television to make all young people think they have to get hammered, show skin and do jackass stunts and tricks to be noticed.

    But on the other side MTV Spring Break has also made a lot of young people decide to let loose and have a good time that might otherwise have never ventured further than the end of their driveway come vacation time. Plus with all the contests and television shows some young co-eds actually end up meeting some nice people, making some extra cash and a few, find a new career path. A couple people have been “discovered” during spring break adventures and gone on to lucrative careers in the entertainment industry. MTV has also become the definitive guide of what’s hot and what’s not on the college scene. The commentators and hosts basically decide what will fly and what will sink. MTV has taken over Panama City and continues to govern the rules, trends and future of the beloved vacation time. If you want to get in on the action you see on television find a place where an MTV crew will be, most likely Cancun or Panama City Beach, and sign up for the show auditions or shake your groove things for the daily dance hour cameras. Have fun and maybe you’ll get that MTV spring break vacation you’ve always dreamed of 

Source by Matt Scriven