We are now nearing the end of 2009 and what a year it was…double digit job losses, business closures, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and overall economic distress.  It came down to the survival of the most uniquely positioned.  Where will you end up at the end of this year?  If you aren’t uniquely positioned here is the current situation:

  • In September, construction employment declined by 64,000
  • Manufacturing jobs fell by 51,000
  • Retail trade jobs fell by 39,000
  • Government employment was down by 53,000
  • Total unemployment at 15.1 million since December 2007

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics **

Enough of the negative rhetoric for now…let’s get on to a solution that is providing positive results on a global scale for those that wish to become uniquely positioned.  The most promising careers for 2010 and beyond include a new skill set, mindset, and business model.  Just as the industrial revolution took us out of The Great Depression so will the global internet economy. 

That’s right I’m talking about the most powerful commerce tool ever created, the internet.  The ability to target 1.5 billion internet user’s world-wide from any location you choose via a computer and internet connection is unprecedented.  According to The Nielsen Company September 2009 report, in addition to spending an average of 68 hours online monthly, the average user visits nearly 2700 websites and averages 57 seconds per site.  The incredible part is anyone can learn to leverage this tool to create a simple, low stress, low overhead, and high profit business that provides self employment and security today.  With the increase in internet use and those wanting to learn how to become internet entrepreneurs the need for education and training providers will skyrocket.  Every business out there will need to accept this new way of conducting business as the old methods become less and less effective & profitable.  So, why not learn this skill set and become a uniquely positioned sought after resource?  That’s exactly what I realized earlier this year so I got educated by the best.  This is your choice as well.

Today I work from my home as an online entrepreneur & coach taking leverage to main-street.  By learning the valuable internet skill set, mindset, and business model I overcame the economic situation of today.  By teaching it I will help others do the same for the future.  Imagine how that will feel when you create this similar picture for yourself and others.

Source by karl keller