Agoraphobia, like any other anxiety problem is a dreadful disease. People who have been experiencing this become self doubting and anti-social. Such characteristics can further develop into a more serious psychological problem which can be suicidal too. However, overcoming agoraphobia at the earlier stage of this condition can prevent this from happening.

First method of overcoming agoraphobia is to overcome panic attack as the major factor of developing agoraphobia. Practically speaking, help from the expert is needed here, especially if panic attack is recurring already. Undergoing medication and psychotherapy are mostly advisable.  Programs such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brainwave Programming, and Hypnotherapy are known effective methods in overcoming agoraphobia. Activities include discussion and mind relaxation which are done to relieve anxiety and the factors causing it.

Manage your stress level. The best way to do this is to keep away from things that can trigger your stress.  If you are exposed to exhausting daily chores, take some time off to just sit and relax. Empty your mind for a moment and start meditating. If you must, you can go to a quiet place where you can find peace. It is very important that you take break between periods. All of us deserve a break once in a while. When stress is well managed already, so does anxiety. If both of these are well managed, you wouldn’t have to fear of panic attack, therefore, agoraphobia will no longer exist.

Get involved. People with agoraphobia problem tend to become anti-social. If this is true to you, then don’t make this an excuse of confining yourself in your room. Start a plain conversation to your love ones or to people that you feel you have full authority with. Best example is to talk to a 4 year old kid. With this kid, you don’t have to worry about committing mistake or to be overthrown by worries. Another way is to face yourself in the mirror and start talking as if you’re talking to somebody else. Later on, facing other people and talking in front of them will no longer be difficult for you.

Explore new things. There are so many things to explore in this word. Discover the things that you enjoy doing either by yourself or with someone else.  Taking pictures, drawing, playing video games with friends are just some examples. If you must go to places away from home, make sure you have someone to accompany and assist you. As time goes by, you would learn to manage your anxiety and overcoming agoraphobia will then be easy for you.

Source by Gilbert Sam