The increase in all things mediumistic continues its steady incline. There is definitely a more mass market feel to the adoption and interest about what is after all an unproven and often scoffed at reality. The more mass market interest finds itself tethered firmly to the media depictation of mediumship.

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These range from investigative mediumship during the show Most Haunted where spirits or ghostly presences are felt or sensed by Derek Acorah and his spirit guide – he is accompanied by the easily spooked Yvette Fielding and on more than one occasion has been possessed and has issued verbal threats which have come from the spirit entity to Yvette who, it has to be said did look genuinely terrified. I have the pleasure of knowing many mediums and psychics and I can confirm this programme is a firm favourite with them.

The other types of medium programmes include a more serious audience with Colin Fry, who stand on platform with a live audience. This is a little bit like a more glossy re-enactment of the local spiritualist churches to be found dotted across the UK where a local medium will stand on platform often free of charge I have to add, and bring forth mediumship messages to the small gathering of people attending to see if they have a message waiting for them.

There are some outstanding mediums who work the spiritualist churches and I would recommend a visit. Back to Passing Over, with Colin Fry, the first thing to mention is this is a commercial event sent in a studio. Colin will not doubt be paid for this show. However what does become evident is that Colin is a highly talented medium with a very strong link to spirit which enables him to link with and bring through the deceased for the audience in a very detailed manner which leaves the sitters in the audience in no doubt as to the validity or the messages.

 Following the sitting, the sitters who have received messages are interviewed and they explain the reasons why Colin was indeed accurate and the details are above and beyond simple guess work as they are so detailed and given with such clarity. There is another programme with Sally Morgan where she travels around the country on a sort of road trip and gives face to face readings often outside and not within a normal formal clairvoyant sitting situation for well known celebrities.

The ones who agree to go on camera have all testified to the accuracy of the readings and sometimes prediction which Sally gives forth are re-investigated as a later date and are found in the main to have been accurate. Both very good examples of the magic and potency of mediumship in action.

One of the popular tabloids in the UK recently reported that many of the current UK celebrities have their psychic readers on speed dial. Indeed it is common for the jet set in Los Angeles to have 2 or 3 psychic readers whom they also have on speed dial and use for various needs in their lives.

Source by rachel saxon