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‘Going compact, but efficiently’, is the mantra that has struck car buyers in India, and not spared the petrol king of compact car segment, Maruti to deliver a one such example. After all, the new Celerio diesel marks a fresh inning in the country against the Chevrolet Beat and Hyundai Grand i10.
Standing neck to neck, all three cars have got a different story to tell from each other, but they aim at the same bottom line.
Engine Talk
On paper, it’s Celerio that holds the smallest engine with two-cylinders, but Chevrolet Beat in competition manages to maintain a perfect balance.

Engine Maruti Celerio Chevrolet Beat Hyundai Grand i10
Cubic capacity 793cc 936cc 1120cc
Cylinder on offer 2 3 3
Power 47bhp 56bhp 70bhp
Torque 125Nm 150Nm 160Nm

On contrary, power isn’t all about to talk of; weight too is taken into consideration, where the outcome is clearly witnessed on fuel-efficiency. Reportedly, the least powerful and the lightest car Celerio prove itself most fuel-efficient here.

Fuel-Efficiency Maruti Celerio Chevrolet Beat Hyundai Grand i10
As per ARAI (kmpl) 27.62 25.44 24

What’s inside?
Amongst all, Grand i10 is literally grand in nature when it comes to space, and serves the front and rear occupants very well, whereas Beat is focused only on the front. On flipside, Maruti conceptualizing the mentality of Indians very aptly offered more space at the rear bench.

Space Maruti Celerio Chevrolet Beat Hyundai Grand i10
Front legroom (min/max) 56/77 cm 62/82 mm 61/82 cm
Rear legroom (min/max) 68/90 cm 62/80cm 67/89 cm
Front headroom 100 cm 98 mm 99 cm
Rear headroom 95 cm 90 cm 92 cm
Boot space 235-litre 170-litre 256-litre

The featured excitement
Without raising a doubt, Hyundai remained leader in offering more features than others in the competition of compact cars. But the efforts put up by Maruti Celerio are really worth to talk of. However, Chevrolet Beat is altogether in a different league with its cabin space quite narrow and the seats at rear aren’t comfortable, but the liveliness it offers is unmatchable.
Hence, that was all put to together; everyone has a different story with the same aim, but it’s the buyer’s choice to prefer a one suiting his taste.