Brazil is one of the most desirable travel destinations of the world. According to the area Brazil stand fifth in the world and it is also among the densely populated countries of the world. Portuguese were the early people living in this country in the 18th country and made it as their colony. In the present context Brazil is one of the strongest economies of the world. People of Brazil live luxurious life and cities are urbanized. Many tourists like to plan the trip for enjoying the beauty of nature and dazzling beaches of Brazil.

Following points indicate about major cities of Brazil:

1. Brasilia is the capital city and one of the largest cities of Brazil. It is one of the most wonderful cities with great cultural heritage and beautiful destination points. UNESCO has declared the city as the world heritage center due to its wonderful historical monuments and historical events.

2. Rio de Janeiro is the capital city of the Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil. There are many stadiums for the sports event and city is famous for the carnivals. Brazil joins large numbers of tourists every year to enjoy the dance and entertainment activities in the festival season. Football grounds and beaches are simply awesome.

3. Recife is the largest metropolitan cities of Brazil. Recife is the one of the most important port of Brazil lying in the Atlantic Ocean. City is famous for the trade and commerce. Medical and health care industry is one of the largest in this city of Brazil and different types of goods are imported and exported. Electronics goods and food products are available in plethora and of good quality.

4. Salvador is the capital city of Bahia and it is quite wonderful city with large numbers of fine restaurants and quality food. It is densely populated city of the country and people living here are quite happy. City people are quite wealthy and there are many destination points which are quite beautiful for planning the sightseeing. African people have great impact on the cultures of the city.

5. Manaus is also one of the major cities of the country where travel trip can be planned. You can plan the trip to the city but the area covered is too large. You can visit beautiful destination points and can enjoy the three times meals in fine restaurants.

Plan the trip to Brazil with the help of travel agents and enjoy to the maximum.

Source by Sarah Lopez