Do you want to become an officer in defense field and have desire to serve your nation with wholeheartedly? If yes, then enroll your name in Colleges for Military where you can get unusual experience of life and will be selected as a defense officer after completing training sessions. Colleges for Military produce skilled, talented and knowledgeable defense personnel who are enthusiastic to serve the world.

United State of America has many military academies at its different locations which offer an excellent chance to all students who have ever dreamt to serve their nation with heart and soul, and want to acquire quality education. Interested students need to pass the entrance exam which is conducted by all military academies to judge their basic knowledge and talent in a particular area. The candidates should have higher school secondary diploma to get admission in defense academies.

Some of the popular private Colleges for Military are listed below:

  1. Carson Long Military Institute
  2. Fork Union Military Academy  
  3. Chamberlain-Hunt Academy
  4. Christian Brothers Academy 
  5. Culver Military Academy
  6. Fishburne Military School

Top popular military academies in USA are following:

  1. US Naval Academy
  2. Texas A & M University
  3. The U.S. Military Academy (West Point)
  4. The Citadel
  5. Valley Forge Military Academy and College
  6. US Merchant Marine Academy
  7. US Coast Guard Academy
  8. Virginia Military Institute
  9. Norwich University
  10. US Air Force Academy

These military academies are accredited from recognized government body and provide best training session for defense officers, civilians and foreign militaries. These Colleges for Military haveaccredited technological institutions which are well equipped in providing training in required technical fields. Various divisions including engineering, Science, weapons, humanities, mathematics and social science of the training centers are well equipped with highest level of armaments. US Naval Academy has 990 scholars that include 45 Rhodes Scholars, 50 astronauts, 16 Marshall Scholars, 2 Nobel Prize winners and a U.S. President.

Gaining admission is not a cake walk in these Colleges for Military, as they prefer to take highly talented students who can perform outstandingly and do unusual tasks during the military training sessions. Only few percentages of students get admission in these popular academies (around 12 percent). U.S. Military Academy (West Point) offers many academic subjects (around 45 majors) in varied coursers from mathematics, science, engineering, foreign languages and mechanical engineering to professional programs.    

However, taking admission in this popular military academy is not an easy endeavor, as the academics are based on “Thayer system” (the academic system which is named after superintendent Sylvanus Thayer) which emphasizes on-one-to-one interaction classroom session and practical sessions with daily home work task and assignment work.  The main goal is to motivate them for academic activities along with rigorous training sessions. They are encouraged to participate in other tasks outside the classroom which are based on practical sessions which give them depth understanding on each chapter. The training session emphasize on discipline, hard work, dedication honesty and patience to deal with war situations and to serve a nation in the best way.


USA has many Colleges for Military which are dedicated to train the trainees, defense personnel, foreign militaries, armed force personnel and civilians for different purposes.

Source by Sarvesh